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Cinema Bandi Movie Review

Cinema Bandi Movie Review
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Cinema Bandi Movie Review
Cinema Bandi Movie Review

Movie review: Cinema Bandi
Director : Praveen Kandregula
Producers: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK
Music director: Satyavolu Sirish
Starring : Sandeep Varanasi and Vikas Vasishta
Publication date: May 14, 2021
Rating: 3/ 5

Cinema Bandi movie review: Sandeep Varanasi and Vikas Vasishta starrer Cinema Bandi is streaming on Netflix. Let’s have a look at Cinema Bandi’s story.

Story: Veerababu (Vikas Vasishta) who drives a car in his village for a living and accidentally finds a DSLR camera that has been forgotten in his car by a passenger. He decides to make a movie with the camera that earns him Rs 100 crore profit at the box office and hires Ganapati (Sandeep Varanasi) who is a wedding photographer as the cameraman and a hairdresser Maridesh Babu as the hero, while greengrocer Manga as the heroine for his movie. Will Veerababu and Ganapathi finally make the movie they want? make up the rest of the story.

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Performance: Vikas Vasishta, who plays the hero, does a great job. Sandeep Varanasi is fine. Trishara in a key role, impresses with her natural acting. Every character in this movie is very natural. Each character implicitly moves the story forward. The rest of the Cinema Bandi cast justifies their role.

Technical: Cinema Bandi provides a deep insight into the divide between city and countryside and has scenes beautifully juxtaposed to highlight the difference. The cinematography of Approva Shaligram and Sagar YVV are the main highlights of the film. The village atmosphere gives a realistic feeling. Satyavolu Sirish’s background music impresses everyone. The few comedy scenes that are not necessary for the story should have been cut out.

Analysis: Cinema Bandi is a genuine attempt to explore the love and fascination for cinema.


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