World Flipper: Release Date, Platform and Guide

The release date of World Flipper will be an essential part of the discussion in this article. In addition, we learn everything about the new game, in addition to the details of the platforms it will be released on. Whenever a new game is launched on the internet, there is a different kind of atmosphere that we get as a player. Likewise, it doesn’t matter which platform the game is released on or whatever. The same goes for World Flipper. The latest game was released in Japan in 2019. Ever since the gameplays came out, people went crazy having their hands on this. World Flipper became the subject of discussion shortly after it became a hit in the country. Fortunately, the game is now being released worldwide. It allows gamers from all over the continents to live in the lives of anime characters and experience the lives of the characters of World Flipper.

World Flipper is a pinball machine. However, just calling it a pinball machine is enough. World Flipper is much more than that. It was a pixel art action game with awesome anime characters. This gives us the experience of both games and animes. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, World Flipper is made by Cygames. It is a company based in Japan. The creation and publication credits are held by Cygames itself. However, the game for 2021 will be released in collaboration with a company from South Korea. As a result of this partnership, World Flipper is finally being released to global users. Follow the storyline to stay around character formation and live a completely new life alongside your favorite anime characters. So let’s see what the release date is for World Flipper.

World Flipper: what is the game about?

World Flipper is a pinball anime game with a mix of action RPGs. It is a brilliant game to experience both pinball and action adventures at once, not only for entertainment but also for some skills. World Flipper helps you form new teams and have worldly experiences with the characters. No wonder the game’s graphics and great content are the reason it has become famous. Here you will witness various mysteries and unravel the wonders of fantasy lands. Although it feels mystical, World Flipper is suitable for any age group.

Talking about the main concept of the game, World Flipper is a story based game. It revolves around three main characters. A boy, a girl and a small creature from a distant world. The story begins when the boy and the girl meet in a village. It seems like no one knows the place, something like a forgotten village. After being together for a while, in peace and with company, it goes downhill. Moreover, the fact that the boy cannot remember his past and the girl cannot estimate her future will have a big impact on what will happen soon.

Something strange happens in the sky, enough to change their lives forever. A bolt of lightning struck from the sky and a new character was revealed. A small rabbit but with enormous powers and abilities. It is not an ordinary being. The adventure begins when the rabbit, who was once a great warrior in a faraway land, meets the boy and the girl. The rest is a mystery. One can unfold the mystery after playing World Flipper.

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