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Watch Online Shaman King Episode 3 Spoilers Release Date Cast Crew & Storyline

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Shaman King, a Japanese Manga Comic series, is one of the best and popular series among anime series viewers. Many fans love to watch this great series with children and those who are much more responsive to this series. It has a very interesting story and the audience likes to watch the series with grazing. Taking you to the flashback like this, the story begins from the moment a 13-year-old boy who is the shortest boy in school reveals that Manta Oyamada is his real identity. He also reveals that he met a boy one day when he was going home from school. The boy’s name was Asakura Yoh who is also a shaman and he connects the other world with this one. Asakura asks him to trust him and says he is his friend. After some time, Asakura asks Oyamada to become a shaman king.

Oyamada repeats the mistake of being late and realizes that he is passing the cemetery he feared most. But later he decides to use the graveyard as a shortcut because he is the friend of the Yoh. Suddenly he hears something and finds out that this is not Yoh’s sentence and when he looks, he imagines who this mysterious person is.

Oyamada and Yoh Friend

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Later in the story everything has changed and Yoh says Ren’s intentions are good and wants to meet him. While Amidamaru says he also wants to meet a Chinese warlord. During the conversation everyone hears a strange voice and Oyamada says it will definitely be Ren and Ren is surrounded by the hooligans because they want to beat them and Ren broke their car. Ren makes it clear that he was fighting Hooligans and the cars were on the way. Suddenly, Ren asks him not to kill innocent people.

Ren said Shaman cannot befriend. They started to fight each other and Ren wanted to get Amidamaru out of Asakura. Later Amidamaru is his friend and then Yoh and Amidamaru show what is the power of true friendship. They also got together and threw a move called Amidaryu Halo Blade and defeated him. Ren realizes that Yoh has the power to become the Shaman King.

Shaman King Episode 3 release date

Now Episode 3 of the Shaman King is coming out and fans are looking forward to watching the amazing episode on their screens. So the creators have announced the release date and it won’t take too long to release and Shaman King Episode 3 will be out on Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 5:55 PM IST. You can watch this fantastic episode on Netflix. Also, the new one will be available next Thursday.

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