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Vakeel Saab Movie Review – Forced Remake!

Many Saab Movie Review – Forced Remake!
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Many Saab Movie Review – Forced Remake!BOTTOM LINE

Forced remake

2.25 / 5

2h 35m ‘UA’ certified.

Pawan Kalyan - Many Saab ReviewWhat is the movie about?

Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), Divya (Ananya) and Zareena (Anjali) are three friends. One night when they take a taxi home, Pallavi gets into an argument with a taxi driver. One thing leads to another, with serious, life-threatening consequences. It concerns the son of a Member of Parliament.

The girls are pushed into a corner and no longer have any hope of survival. It is then that they hear about the reclusive lawyer Satyadev (Pawan Kalyan). Only he can save them, but he has stopped the practice and is an alcoholic. How Satyadev turns a new leaf in his life and takes up the girls’ case, that’s what the film is about

How is Pawan Kalyan performing?

The original from Vakeel Saab is a narrative courtroom drama that stays purely with the content. The remake has additional commercial elements added for the sake of Pawan Kalyan. Pawan Kalyan is okay with them. It is not well presented nor does it look its best. So the impact is lacking. Because of its looks and poorly written sequences, nothing really works in its favor, especially in the flashback parts.

It is the second half in which Pawan Kalyan stars. The big relief, however, is mainly the appearance. After a long pause, we see the ‘star’ take the backseat or reign in its ‘star’ quality to be in character and bring the story to the fore. It works well in the movie. The cross-examination scene in the female police officer scene is a great example of what happens when the ‘actor’ takes over. Such moments are less in Vakeel Saab anyway, so we don’t get much to talk about that aspect. Pawan Kalyan is doing well; different.

Director-Venu-SreeramDirected by Venu Sriram?

Oh My Friend’s Venu Sriram and Abbayi’s middle-class fame directs Vakeel Saab. It is the remake of the Bollywood multiplex movie Pink, which also had a Tamil remake Nerkonda Paarvai. The point here is that the core content is strong. It has a sensitive issue and has worked with the public. All you have to do is run it correctly without ruining the gist.

Unfortunately, Vakeel Saab takes the approach that is least expected. It’s a classic case of how to ruin perfectly likable content with unnecessary commercial distractions. The Telugu version has tinkered with the story a lot in the first half, and to an undesirable result. It is here that it differs from Pink and Nerkonda Paarvai.

Vakeel Saab opens excellently. The first twenty minutes are well acted and shot. It serves as the perfect setup for the ‘star’ to take center stage. The whole part is like an excellently crafted lead scene to bring the hero up to speed.

Unfortunately, the ‘increase’ or the ‘commercial elements’ falls flat. After being introduced as a non-practicing lawyer, the hero immediately jumps into a flashback. It brings the ‘crafting’ we mentioned above. It’s a commercial block that fits the story, taking the Powerstar into account. It would have been okay if it’s just the “ star quotient, ” but we’re also getting a mix of politics here.

Nothing works in the flashback part. Pawan Kalyan’s appearance is not good (two looks in the first half), the writing is lackluster and the performance is lackluster as if going through the movements. They wait for the whole ordeal to be over as soon as possible, but it never seems to end. A few songs that are part of the story add to the impact.

After the flashback is over, we’re back to the main story with the girls bringing the story back to life. The ‘bearded look’ is such a relief, and we understand why it is so important. The subsequent interval block is decent.

The entire second half is a courtroom drama. After the first half it comes as a huge improvement. Prakash Raj’s entry into the plan of things eases the procedure. The duel of Pawan Kalyan and Prakash Raj is the lifeblood of the film, along with the sensitive issue involving the girls.

Pawan Kalyan looks its best with the light stubble. He is also very interested in the procedure and the impact can be felt in a narrative sense. However, the problem of commercial elements resurfaces. The simple structure with tight knit drama breaks up to add combat and elevation to the star. It creates an uneven story that not only dilutes the core theme but also the good moments.

Overall, Vakeel Saab is a classic case of a remake ruined by powerful commercial additions. Adjusting things to the nativity scene is fine, but it’s never good to add blocks and bits and pieces to elevate a star at the expense of the story. Still, Vakeel Saab offers some captivating moments to those who have not seen the original. For those who do, the remake offers no improvement.

Anjali - Many Saab Review Anjali, Nivetha, Ananya and others?

The three ladies, Anjali, Nivetha Thomas and Ananya, are well cast and fit the roles perfectly. Of the three, Anjali and Nivetha have a few emotional moments. They do it enough.

Shruti Haasan appears in flashback sections. It’s easily the most forgetful part of her career. If you’re wondering why she’s not been seen anywhere in connection with movie promotions, now you get the idea.

Prakash Raj is a welcome addition. No one in his place would have made a similar impression. It is because of its history with Pawan Kalyan. When both face each other and go against each other, powerful energy keeps the audience’s attention. It’s what works for Vakeel Saab and why only Prakash Raj and no one else would have been suitable for the role, not that he got here in an extraordinary act. The rest of the actors have little to do and are not that recognizable.

Music Director-ThamanMusic and other departments?

Music director S Thaman has put his best foot forward for Vakeel Saab. Its impact is immediately felt when the film starts. It’s fantastic, if not extraordinary. He elevates the course of events by his background score whenever possible. PS Vinod’s cinematography is decent. However, it could have been better during the flashback sequences. The editing is inadequate in many scenes. The writing is very bad during the flashback parts and decent, partly in the courtroom drama scenes. Overall it is below average.

Nivetha Thomas - Many Saab ReviewHighlights?

Second half
Pawan Kalyan vs Prakash Raj Duel
Background score
Three Girls Performance


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Flashback in the first half
Unnecessary commercial elements
Not so gripping scenes in the courtroom

Ananya Nagalla - Many Saab ReviewTake alternative

The idea of ​​the flashback is okay. If it were performed with less political ideology to fit and introduce points related to the ‘core story’ and drama, the whole thing would have worked out wonderfully.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, in parts

Will you recommend it?

Yes, but with reservations

Vakeel Saab Movie Review by Siddartha

Many Saab Movie Review – Forced Remake!

– The court is ruling in the case of Pallavi and her friends. The legal drama is coming to an end. Please visit back (refresh the page) for a detailed review and review soon.

– Vakeel Saab, the drama in the courtroom is approaching the verdict.

– Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas) did well in the emotional court scene as a helpless woman, even if it is a short one.

– The arguments start between Nanda (Prakash Raj) and Satyadev (PSPK).

– Vakeel started the second half. PSPK walking into court is well supported by Thaman’s score.

– Vakeel Saab is all set to take on the case. Interval.

– The reason why lawyer Satya Dev got drunk is revealed. Now the story comes back to the serious problem girls face.

– Lawyer Vakeel Saab wants nothing but justice for the common man. He is now becoming famous for his good deeds.

– Girls want Vakeel (PK) to take up their case. It’s time for a flashback of Satya Dev (PK).

– A very simple yet powerful entry for PSPK with a short fight scene.

– Three girls Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), Ananya and Anjali get into trouble.

– Show starts with a beautiful melody ‘Maguva Maguva’.

– Vakeel Saab show started, streaming partner Amazon Prime Video. Thaman is at work from the title cards.

The live updates of Vakeel Saab US Premiere start from 1.30am IST. Refresh or visit for live updates and Premiere report.

Vakeel Saab is here for us to see the power star after a three year hiatus and needless to say it’s a big day for the fans of Pawan Kalyan and as a festival for them. The whole movie is on the shoulders of the power star and it’s time to see how that translates on screen.

Here the presence of Pawan Kalyan will be greatly appreciated because a serious topic like this with the underlying concept of the film related to the consent of a woman will be easily registered due to the star power of the protagonist.

Undoubtedly, it is Pawan Kalyan’s staying power as a star that would help the movie if the story was done right. That means that the responsibility rests with the director of ‘Vakeel Saab’, Venu Sriram, as to how much he tweaked the story to suit the tastes of the Telugu audience.

If the movie comes out with flying colors, he will walk away with the credit of being able to use Pawan Kalyan’s stardom effectively and so even S Thaman’s music will play a significant role in successfully bringing the concept to mainstream audiences .

Pawan Kalyan seemed very sincere about the issue raised in the movie. The trailer and Pawan’s speech echoed the same. In the hope that ‘Pink’ adapted as ‘Vakeel Saab’ will reach far and wide in the Telugu states and debate will begin as to what ‘consent’ really means.

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