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Total lunar eclipse: how to view the super-flowered blood moon on May 26

Total lunar eclipse: how to view the super-flowered blood moon on May 26
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Total lunar eclipse: how to view the super-flowered blood moon on May 26
A NASA image of a ruddy red “blood moon”.



Parts of the world are about to undergo a total lunar eclipse, but live streams allow you to watch the celestial festivities from anywhere. On May 26, get ready for a rare and lovely cosmic phenomenon.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves in the shadow of the Earth, blocking sunlight. Unlike a solar eclipse, you can look directly at the moon with the naked eye. This month’s total lunar eclipse has all kinds of names. We can summarize it as the “super-flowered blood moon”.

There are reasons for the exotic-sounding nicknames. Total lunar eclipses tend to give the moon a reddish hue. That’s the “blood” part. The Farmers Almanac assigns several nicknames to full moons for each month. The May moon is typically referred to as the “flower moon”. This moon will also be closest to Earth on its elliptical path, making it appear a bit brighter and larger than usual. That’s the “super moon” part.

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NASA says the eclipse will be visible in parts of America, Australia, New Zealand and East Asia. Residents of Hawaii and Alaska should have a great viewing opportunity, but much of the western US will be in position for the show.

The viewing guide from lets you choose the time for your location and tells you how much of the eclipse you can see. For example, the total solar eclipse will be the maximum for me in New Mexico on Wednesday, May 26 at 5:18 a.m. local time.

You don’t have to be in a prime zone to catch the action. The Virtual Telescope Project provides a live feed begins at 3 a.m.PT on May 26. hosts its own global streaming event in collaboration with astronomers in Australia, Hawaii, California and Arizona. The feed starts at around 2:30 a.m.PT.

And if you plan on sleeping through the eclipse (or if the clouds aren’t cooperating), you can always catch the recurrence later. To learn more about how eclipses work and the best ways to view them, check out our guide to solar and lunar eclipse.

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