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‘Gossip Girl’ Finale Ending Declared – Season 2 Spoilers

If you've finished HBO Max's first season Gossip Girl, you are probably asking yourself some questions right now. What's next for Luna and her country boy? Is Monet playing for the queen bee? Will Audrey, Aki and Max really be able to make their throuple work? And more importantly, what is the "state" of Gossip Girl 2.0 that Kate hinted at during her correspondence with Julien? Showrunner Joshua Safran can't divulge any of those secrets, but when it comes to Kate's new guidelines, he promises they're going to change the way the gossip game is played "a lot" from now on. "It is difficult to meet the condition," Safran tells TVLine. 'That's the best way to say it. Kate believes…

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Finale Spoilers: Are Engagements Ahead?

Next week on ABC, it's here: The epic Bachelor in Paradise season 7 finale! We know there will be heartbreak; that is inevitable. It happens on each of these season endings, though we're usually lucky enough to have an engagement here as well. Let's hope some romantic moments come; there are still a few strong couples left, and we say that knowing that Noah and Abigail seem to be ready. There is another great thing to note from the Bachelor in Paradise Final: It will also be an epic three-hour event. These episodes can be a bit of a marathon, but usually a few standout moments can make them worthwhile. Do you want some more information? You can watch it…

‘True Story’ Isn’t The Most Female-Friendly Show: A Director Defends It

‘True Story’ Isn’t The Most Female-Friendly Show: A Director Defends It

Warning: This message contains True story spoilers. Proceed at your own risk. Netflix's hit limited series True story does an amazing job unpacking the rival and damaged relationship between two very different brothers as they try to cover up a few murders. But when it comes to women, let's just say there's a lack of variety. The most fully realized woman on the show is Billie, played by space power's Tawny Newsome. She writes jokes for Kid (Kevin Hart), but he takes her for granted until he nearly loses her to Will Ferrell. Billie also has a clandestine romantic relationship with Kid's bodyguard, Herschel, and their boss doesn't approve. Unfortunately, Kid's dissatisfaction with their pairing is never really explained. The…

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