Marvel’s What If…? Episode 2 Review: T’Challa Becomes a Phenomenal Starlord

As Star-Lord, T’Challa encounters a friendly and now minimally cybernetic nebula, who initially comes across as some sort of blue Jessica Rabbit. She manages to arouse his interest by describing a MacGuffin called the Embers of Genesis – cosmic dust that can form ecosystems. T’Challa understands that he can use them to eradicate hunger in the galaxy, but they’ll have to steal them from The Collector, who has filled Thanos’ power vacuum.

Table of Contents

T’Challa and Nebula plan a heist on Knowhere, evading the Black Order. They work for The Collector in this timeline, in an alteration of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

Who are the voices?

Jeffrey Wright returns as What if…?‘s narrator, Uatu The Watcher. Chadwick Boseman is T’Challa/Star-Lord, Michael Rooker is Yondu, Djimon Hounsou is Korath the Pursuer, Chris Sullivan is Taserface, Karen Gillen is Nebula, Josh Brolin is Thanos, Seth Green is Howard the Duck, Danai Gurira is Okoye, John Kani is T’Chaka, Angela Bassett is Ramonda, Benicio Del Toro is The Collector, Carrie Coon is Proxima Midnight, Kurt Russell is Ego, Sean Gunn is Kraglin and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor is Ebony Maw.

Drax is the real omission here, as Dave Bautista did not return to reprise his role in the series. He claims he was never asked, but executive producer Brad Winderbaum attributed it to a “miscommunication.”

Striking moments

This was a wonderful episode and it was great to see how much of a positive influence T’Challa had on the universe after being given the chance to leave Earth and satisfy his natural curiosity. It was also always funny to see how much better T’Challa was at Star-Lord than Peter.

Of course it was all bittersweet to know that What if…? marks the late Chadwick Boseman’s final appearance, and it was hard not to choke during the episode’s final scene in Wakanda. Can’t wait to see the other versions of T’Challa peppering this season of the show.

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