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“Lucifer” Season 6 Release Date, Cast & Episode List

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“Lucifer” Season 6 Release Date, Cast & Episode List
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Are you a fan of fantasy series? If yes, then Netflix’s best devilish fantasy show starring Tom Ellis, “Lucifer”, is a must-see for you. After five successful seasons, “Lucifer” finally returns with its final episode, Season 6. Check out all the latest updates on the upcoming season below:

“Lucifer” Season 6 Release Date, Cast & Episode List

A few days ago, a rumor surfaced that broke the hearts of the fans. Fox has canceled the sixth episode of ‘Lucifer’. But finally, Netflix has proved to be the savior for all the fans of “Lucifer”. Netflix has bewitched the creators as they have decided to reverse their decision. And finally, the streaming king has announced that the show has been renewed for its sixth and final season.

Lucifer, created by Tom Kapinos, is officially inspired by Sandman, the popular DC comic character. The plot follows the life of Lucifer Morningstar, played by Tom Ellis. Seasons 1 through 5 of “Lucifer” rocked the box office and received tons of praise and good reviews. So now the audience is looking forward to the sixth part of the series. So, when will “Lucifer” season 6 hit Netflix? Here’s everything we know.

“Lucifer” Season 6 Release Date

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As of now, Netflix has not confirmed the official release date of “Lucifer” season 6. But according to some leaks, the footage was wrapped up last spring. So the post-production work may be over so far and the new season may be ready for an official premiere. However, Netflix has dropped the second part of “Lucifer” season 5 in May 2021. So it may be that the public is eager for the new season and postpones the release until 2022. But don’t worry, because we’ve collected the titles of the upcoming episodes of “Lucifer” season 6.

“Lucifer” Season 6 Cast

The new season brings back all the beautiful characters from the series. Tom Ellis will lead the cast as Lucifer Morningstar. In addition, Lauren German will play Detective Chloe Decker, DB Woodside will return as Amenadiel, Scarlett Estevez will join as Beatrice and Lesley-Ann Brandt will play Mazikeen.

List of Episodes of “Lucifer” Season 6

Season 6 will be more intense and exciting for Lucifer fans. The sixth chapter will have a total of 10 episodes and Netflix has finally revealed their titles –

  • Episode 1 – “Nothing ever changes here.”
  • Episode 2 – “Buckets of Luggage.”
  • Episode 3 – “Yabba Dabba Do Me.”
  • Episode 4 – “Put the Tail on the Bad Guy.”
  • Episode 5 – “The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar.”
  • Episode 6 – “Much Dirtier Than That.”
  • Episode 7 – “My Best Friend.”
  • Episode 8 – “Save the Devil, Save the World.”
  • Episode 9 – “Goodbye, Lucifer.”
  • Episode 10 – “Partners to the End.”

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