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Is Land on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime? Where can you view Land online?

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In Robin Wright’s ‘Land’, a woman leaves her privileged life to venture out into the rugged wilderness, hoping to ease the pain of a profound personal loss. Wright has both acted and directed in the insightful and poignant ‘Land’. The movie is a solid one story of love, loss and friendship. Demián Bichir also stars in Wright’s directorial debut. Curious about the lot of ‘Land’ and where you can stream it? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Land about?

A lone hunter in the cold, rugged wilderness of the Rockies finds and befriends a grieving lawyer who is on the brink of death. Robin Wright plays the lawyer Edee, who has suffered a great personal loss and is completely depressed. Bichir portrays the hunter who teaches Edee how to survive in the wilderness. With their renewed friendship, they heal each other, and the surrounding nature acts like an ointment for Edee’s emotional wounds, slowly fading the pain of her past. She almost dies in the wilderness before she finds herself.

Is Land on Netflix?

‘Land’ is not available to stream on Netflix, but viewers looking for something similar should watch movies like ‘Tallulah‘(a woman kidnaps a baby and pretends it is hers to find her ex-boyfriend) and’All bright places(a high school student helps a girl in his class overcome her grief by offering his determined friendship).

Is Land on Hulu?

Land is not currently streaming on Hulu. But interested viewers can also watch similar movies, such as’Diane‘(a woman with a difficult past finds redemption) and’Things to come(a philosophy professor revisits her life after an unforeseen divorce).

Is Land on Amazon Prime?

Land is not available to stream on Amazon Prime as of now. However, people who want to watch something similar should stream ‘Game-like(a runaway girl forms an unlikely bond in the Alaskan wilderness).

Watch and Download Movies Online

Where can you view Land online?

‘Land’ is currently only available in theaters and is not yet available on digital platforms. We will update this space once the movie is released on streaming platforms.

How to stream land for free?

Currently, ‘Land’ is not available anywhere for free streaming. The only way to watch this movie from now on is to go to a movie theater. You can search for tickets here

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