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Harmeet Singh of Meet Bros. says it’s a wonder he can sing and compose songs without any formal training

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‘My music is God’s miracle,’ says Harmeet Singh of Meet Bros. A pass out of Scindia School, Gwalior, he started acting, but it was music that earned him a place in the entertainment industry along with his brother. Here’s knowing Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’s hitmaker!

Travel to the world of music

I was in class IX when me and Manmeet turned our conversation into a song – Jogi Singh Barnala Singh. By the end of the month, the whole school was singing it. It was our first hit song without any social media exposure. That I can write, sing, compose and act in a song video without any training can only be called a miracle.

Learning lockdown

I am a positive person. At home with my family, it gave me time to think outside the box. I didn’t like social media, but I realized its power when I became a presenter. There were also some hard truths to face. I lost my friend Kushal Punjabi. I was shocked that such a happy, positive person could do such a thing. We have launched a suicide prevention program that provides assistance to anyone who is feeling down, depressed, or suicidal.

Punjabi that I am

Our Punjabi numbers are our identity. Food is still paranthas and dal chawal.

I admire Punjabis

Kumaar is a legend to me. I really appreciate Honey Singh. He launched a new wave in music.

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I find strength in

My brother Manmeet. We have always been a mainstay for each other. We have been the best of friends and colleagues.

Philosophy of life

I believe in life in gratitude. Everyone wants to grow, emotionally and financially. Do it but also appreciate people in your life. Take time in life to appreciate everything you have and keep doing your best.

Message to Punjab

We owe much of our fame to our Punjabi fans. I consider all of Punjab my extended family. Keep supporting us.

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