Everything you need to know about LISS training

For sports fans, or those who want to enter this world, there are two terms that have a lot to take into account and that have had a lot of heyday lately. These are HIIT and LISS, two effective workouts with different characteristics. There are those who prefer a high intensity workout, and there are those who combine both. But what exactly is LISS training? We explain it to you below.

If you want to start exercising and especially if your goal is to lose weight, LISS training is for you. It’s about performance moderate to low intensity exercise for a long duration, at least 40 minutes. This does not mean that only those who are not physically fit practice this training, but that it is necessary exercises for everyone.

What is LISS Training?

The name is due to an acronym that would be Low intensity steady state, or what translated from English means low intensity cardio extension. As you can guess, they consist of constant cardiovascular exercise, where the duration is the most important, and in order to last as long as possible, the intensity is low, but the effort is constant.

One of the doubts that may arise is whether LISS or HIIT is better for weight loss. Well, it is one ideal practice to lose weight, and while HIIT is more intense and burns more calories, the LISS is the perfect ally for weight loss since by while maintaining a constant rhythm and a long durationthe body uses fat reserves. Unlike HIIT, it can also be done more than twice a week.

While it is true that occur for many people LISS training can be too easy due to the low intensity, it is also true that there are some types like marathon which is considered one of this type of training and that requires constancy. Who only trains through these types of exercises?

What types of exercises fall into the LISS category?

Whether you want to start training with a super slow exercise, or if you are overweight and want to get in shape, LISS training is a good option. But if you’re one of those who already practice high-intensity exercise, it is is also handy that you introduce this training to combine with HIIT. If you are a little lost, we will give you some examples of exercises of this type below.

For example, you can start by walking fast or even start jogging slowly. It’s not enough to just walk, you have to do it at a constant and fast pace for the calorie burn to be effective. Another way to do this is to walk uphill so that the slope is straining you, but you can climb it a little at a time. You can do this on hills outdoors as well as in the gym by choosing the incline on the treadmill.

Another really easy way to do the LISS workout is on upstairs or grab an elliptical machine and practice on it. You will see the benefits of doing half an hour on the elliptical immediately, at a moderate speed. If you prefer, you can also opt for one rowing machine or even a bicycle, static or normal.

Moderate swimming is also ideal, especially if you suffer from back problems or are overweight. In the pool you will feel more agile and lose calories at a moderate pace. Even if you live near the beach, you can practice in the sea. Always keep your head up and of course observe the precautions.

When you see that LISS training isn’t enough and you find yourself stagnant, it’s time to pair it with HIIT, and these two combined workouts are the best option for getting in shape as well as for burning calories and losing weight. Always remember to consult your doubts with a personal trainer or monitor who specializes in this discipline before starting it.

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