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Caught by a wave: release date, cast, plot and trailer

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What do we think of when we think of Italy? Well, as a foodie, my first thought is pizza. Although Italy is not all about pizza. Here’s a burgeoning Italian-language romantic movie that will make you long for your first love. Massimiliano Camaiti directed Caught by a Wind as a romantic drama. Let’s follow a teen love story on Netflix with Camaiti’s movie.

Release date: Caught by a wave

The film will be released in the next three days. To be precise, Caught by a Wave will premiere on Netflix on March 25, 2021.

Cast: Caught by a wave

The star cast of Caught by a Wave includes the following personalities:

  • Antonio’s character is played by Vincenzo Amato.
  • The character Susanna is played by Donatella Finocchiaro.
  • Lorenzo’s character is played by Roberto Christian
  • Tuccia’s character is played by Manuela Ventura.
  • The character of Barbara is played by Sofia Migliara.
  • Sara’s character is played by Elvira Camarrone
  • An unnamed character is played by Olivia Castanho.
  • Another unnamed character is played by Olivier Paris.

Box: Caught by a wave

One of the most popular fictional plots is that lovers turn into legally married couples. Caught by a wave could be, or maybe not.

The city of Silicia witnesses the love that sprouts between two teenagers Lorenzo and Sara. But Sara has some untold secrets that affect their relationship. How does the couple cope with the troubles and hardships? Will their love be enough to be together?

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There must be a big secret that Sarah is holding onto. What can it be? While you’re wondering this, check this one out 5 films that inspire you to become a filmmakerr. Stay tuned to Headlines Of Today for more entertainment news.

Trailer: Caught by a wave

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