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An official suspended, BDO under investigation of ties to Vikas Dubey

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Yogi Adityanath’s government on December 10 (Thursday) suspended Shivrajpur’s Village Development Officer (VDO), Amit Katiyar, after an SIT report pointed to a close connection between him and murdered gangster Vikas Dubey. State government employee Amit Katyar was responsible for the development of many villages in Uttar Pradesh, including Bikru, the stronghold of the murdered gangster.

The VDO was suspended after the SIT found evidence of telephone conversations between Katiyar and the feared gangster Vikas Dubey. According to reports, Vikas Dubey was the one who made all decisions on behalf of Amit Katiyar regarding Bikru village. No government plans could be implemented in the village without the gangster’s approval. Whether it was the decision regarding the implementation of other rural schemes or the allocation of government funds, Vikas Dubey decided to whom all these benefits could be passed on. The SIT report revealed that Amit Katyer was in constant contact with the murdered gangster and made no decision on the development of Bikru village without Dubey’s permission. According to District Development Officer GP Gautam, the SIT disclosed that Vikas instructed Amit, and the latter was operating accordingly.

Moreover, the SIT team also found a close correlation between Shivrajpur’s Block Development Officer (BDO) Alok Pandey and Vikas Dubey and has submitted a report to the government of Uttar Pradesh recommending action against him as well. Both VDO Amit Katiyar and BDO Alok Pandey have been accused of working on behalf of the dreaded gangster. The report suggests it was Vikas Dubey who literally ran the village. The government officials did not even bother to monitor development work in the village, nor did they listen to the grievances of the villagers. In fact, they didn’t even bother to inquire about how the government funds allocated for the development of the village were being used. All of this was regulated by the murdered gangster.

According to Dubey’s phone records, he was in constant contact with almost all of the secretaries and BDOs placed under Bilhor Tehsil.

Taken action against various agents in Kanpur for their connection to gangster Vikas Dubey

It may be remembered how almost immediately after the Bikru incident in which eight police personnel were killed and several others injured in a fierce ambush carefully planned and laid by the gangster, the involvement of local and district police officers to help the feared criminal to help get under the scanner. Shortly after the meeting, the entire staff of Chaubeypur station was suspended and transferred. Action was taken against several others police officers to.

Yogi Govt founded SIT to investigate crimes committed by Vikas Dubey, his affiliation with police personnel

By July, the Uttar Pradesh government ordered that a special investigation team (SIT) will investigate the feared gangster’s crimes and his alleged links to police personnel.

The SIT team had delivered a 3,500-word report to the state government recommending action against police personnel and government officials. The report contained 36 recommendations, detailing the alleged roles of some officers and 80 police personnel in the Kanpur episode.

Audio clip of DIG admitting its ties to the gangster goes viral

After the report, the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) was Anant Dev Tiwari in Uttar Pradesh suspended by the Yogi government alleged involvement after an audio tape went viral. Vikas Dubey’s influence is believed to have grown manifold when Anant Dev Tiwari was posted as SSP Kanpur. SSP Dinesh P, who was stationed in Kanpur when the Bikru incident took place, has also received notification of the cause. Aside from Anant Dev Tiwari, former ASP Rural Pradyumn Singh, a former CO LIU from Kanpur, and some Lucknow-based officials have also come under scrutiny for their alleged involvement with the gangster.

Shortly after meeting Bikru, a letter by the tortured police officer Devendra Mishra to the then Kanpur SSP Anant Dev Tiwari had gone viral in the media. In the letter, the tortured officer had made serious allegations against the behavior of Chaubeypur station personnel and said SO Vinay Tiwari’s passivity and willful negligence will soon lead to serious problems.

It is noteworthy here that SO Vinay Tiwari, SI KK Sharma and others had run away from the Chaubeypur station and left their colleagues to be slaughtered by Vikas Dubey’s men when the firing had started. Both Tiwari and Sharma were arrested later.

Six people were involved in the murder of police personnel on the night of July 3, including the gangster himself rushed and murdered by UP Police within days. Dubey was killed trying to flee from an upside-down police vehicle that took him from Madhya Pradesh to Kanpur. Several employees of Vikas Dubey have been arrested so far.

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