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After Life Season 3: Release Date, Renewal & What to Expect!

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‘After Life’, a British black comedy drama, is often described as a ‘gloomy, sarcastic self-pity party’ that always manages to in an enchanted way to strip away the superiority of the protagonist. The show has had two successful seasons by being the favorite of fans and critics alike.

Such an immense success could never have let Netflix go without an extension. Hence, a revival for the third season was announced by Netflix on May 6, 2020. Here are all the details.

When will ‘After Life’ season 3 be released?

After Life Season 3, which is likely the final season, has started filming as claimed by Ricky Gervais. He had announced on Twitter that he would be on the sets on April 19, 2021, which is Day 1 of the shoot. If the show closes in June, it will be in post-production for a few more months, meaning that release won’t be possible until late 2021 or early 2022.

'After Life' Season 3

What can you expect from ‘After Life’ season 3?

Season 2 saw Tony try hard to recover from the various losses, but life brings another setback for him when his father dies. We suspect there may be a formal funeral in Season 3. Also, Matt’s marriage, who was trying to recover from a rough patch, could stumble again in Season 3.

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In addition, the relationship between Tony and Emma and Tony’s plight to continue the newspaper will be fun to watch.

The official star cast has not been announced, but our favorite Ricky Gervais will definitely be back.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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