100% working ways to Watch Free Movies & shows Without Netflix account

Netflix is ​​now giving free access to some of its TV shows and movies. To watch them, neither do you need to create an account on Netflix nor subscribe.

How can I watch movies on Netflix without an account?

Now  you watch free shows and movies on Netflix without an account

  1. Netflix is now offering a free selection of movies and TV show episodes to non-subscribers.
  2. You don’t need to make an account to watch the movies and episodes, but you can only watch from a computer or an Android device.

Netflix Offer – Watch Series and Movies Free Without an Account

Netflix may be the biggest streaming service on the planet, but not everyone has a subscription.

There is a total of 10 movies and series under this free offer from Netflix. To watch them you can go to Netflix.com/in/watch-free.

Here you will not need to log in or sign up and can watch any of these 10 series and movies direct.

Netflix free Offer-Worldwide offers with India

This offer is available not only in India but also to people all over the world.

Netflix has also released a list about this, which will be available free of cost in the entire world including India. Users have to go to netflix.com/in/watch-free and play the show or movie they want to watch.

5 Best Free Legal Alternatives to Netflix and Hulu

Users can watch these movies and shows

This list includes the original films of Netflix such as Murder Mystery, The Boss Baby Back in Business, Bird Box, and The Two Popes. Along with this, Stranger Things, Elite, When They See Us, Love Is Blind, Our Planet, and Grace and Frankie Show like this will also be shown.

 Offer to attract new users

Netflix is ​​offering these offers to attract more users so that users can experience the video streaming platform and decide whether they want to take its membership or not.

Netflix does offer a free month-long trial for those who want to give it a test run before deciding whether or not to subscribe, but in recent months, the service has also begun to stream a few of its original shows and movies online without asking customers to sign up first. Now that list of content has grown and is being tested all around the world.

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