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Zero Chill Season 2: Major updates on renewal status and release date

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Kirstie Falkous and John Reiger made Zero chill is a British-Canadian drama. This Netflix Original is a sports drama only. Lime Pictures are the producers of the show. And the studio is Netflix’s Free Reign and The Evermoor Chronicles (owned by Disney). Season one is the latest Netflix series released on the 15thth from March 2021. It also tells the story of MacBentley siblings, Kayla and Mac. The dramatic show has gained a large following.

Season one episodes are 30 minutes each and the last episode is an open conclusion. The fans are therefore desperately curious if there will be another season for the Zero Chill. If so, other critical updates can calm the fans. So here are the recent updates.

Zero chill season 1: storyline

The ten-episode dramatic series depicted the story of Kayla and ‘Mac’ MacBentley (a brother and sister duo). In addition, they both felt at home on the ice rink for ice skating. But the difference was in both reasons. Both have different passions. Kalya loved skating, while her brother loved ice hockey.

When the Mac receives an offer from a reputable hockey academy, Kayla had no choice but to sacrifice her dreams.

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Zero chill season 2: updates to renewal status and release dates

As of now, there are no official renewal status announcements for the same show. Since the show didn’t air until the month of March, it is long expected that there will be more time before we can establish anything. The signs of relief for fans come from the same creators who wrote another show, ‘Free Rein’, the show recently received confirmation for renewal.

Until there is an official guarantee of renewal status for Season 2, you can watch Zero Chill on Netflix.

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