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Zee5 web series A Married Women Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else

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Alt Balaji usually comes with shows and series that seem to break stereotypes. Ekta Kapoor, the executive producer, is getting ready to engage the audience with new ideas and productions. After the great success of Code M, A Married Women plans to live up to expectations.

Alt Balaji A Married Women Plot

The story of A Married Women is based on a book written by Majnu Kapoor and revolves around a love story

created on the basis of a 1992 Supreme Court judgment, throwing out the conventional understanding of love stories.

The lead roles were played by Monica Dogra and Ridhi Dogra. A deep love bond is shown between them and presents a new idea about love. This story provides a safe place for those seeking refuge from political persecution.

Alt Balaji A Married Women Trailer

The official teaser of the A Married Women was released by Zee5 on January 20, 2020. The film represents and seems familiar to those who have seen the LGBT movement emerge. This raises the voice for the weak and voiceless.

The A Married Women teaser also talks about the chains of material bonds in which power is preferred in the modern world.

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The teaser has showcased the stunning work of poetry and direction. According to the Indian web series, this series will have some great writing.

Alt Balaji A release date for married women

The release date of the series is not yet final. but, according to reports and speculation. A Married Women will premiere on Zee5 soon. The producers acquired the rights to the book in 2019. The show was written in 2019.

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