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Kannada films have always surprised their audiences with the variety of subjects and the deep understanding of the subject matter of the film.

Yuvarathnaa, meaning youth icon, is a dramatic action movie that, like its name, has the strength and energy of the youthful adolescents.
Produced under the banner of Hombale Productions, the film was directed by Santosh Anand Ram.

OTT release date and receipt:

Since making films is a tedious job that requires recording the film, but with many post-production formalities still pending, the producers were also eager to get an OTT release; however, nothing can be said with confirmation.

As the digital entertainment medium emerged in India, the filmmakers were eager to distribute their satellite and movie rights among the OTT platforms.

Since the subject of the film is quite a preachy band that can remember a special bond with the audience, the makers wanted the majority to take something from the movie, and that seemed relatively easy through OTT platforms as they have a cheap, affordable and be a mobile alternative. watching traditional multiplex movies.

It is not yet known which platform the Yuvarathnaa crew chose and which satellite received the rights. Also, the release date on OTT platforms has not yet been confirmed.

The trailer traversed millions of views in a fraction of a day, with fans praising the crux of the film, the corruption that is rampant in educational institutions and the remedial measures taken for it.

Release on big screens:

The film was released on April 1, 2021 lingua franca has been Kannada and Telugu. The movie was released in the United States of America March 31, 2021
Originally intended to be released on the occasion of Dussehra on 7 October 2019, it got delayed until January 2020, then the Covid-19 hit India in its most effective form, and the movie was delayed again.


Cast includes Puneet Rajkumar as Yuvraj, Sayyeshaa, Sonu Gowda, Dhananjay as Antony Joseph, Prakash Raj as Krishna Vardhan, Tarak Ponappa as Inspector Azad, Sai Kumar as Raghav Reddy, Raadhika, Avinash, Achyuth Kumar as Professor Prakash, Rangayana Raghu, Dignatghu, Dignatghu. as Samarth Baghwath, Vishal Hegde, Triveni Rao, Kavya Shetty in cameo, Naga Bhushan and Kuru Pratap.

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