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You’ve been invited to season 4 gay marriage –

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This is how you end a series – while still holding hope for future adventures at some point on the road. The Wynonna Earp The season 4 finale focused on the highly anticipated wedding of Wynonna’s sister Waverly and Purgatory Sheriff Nicole Haught (Wayhaught, for Earpers everywhere), and it included everything that has made the show a fan favorite.

Wynonna Earp is defined (and praised) by its strong feminist views and the celebration of strange characters. What better way to send the show away than by having a same-sex marriage as the centerpiece of the finale? And thus Wynonna Earp season 4 ended with a love letter to the fans of the series and a warm hug for the characters.

One final curse

Before we could sit back and enjoy Wayhaught’s wedding, however, Wynonna Earp season 4 treated us to one final, very appropriate, supernatural conundrum. Wynonna tries on her sister’s wedding dress for fun and suddenly realizes that the dress is cursed and she can’t take it off. Therefore you should never wear someone else’s marital attire. Especially on their wedding day!

Not being able to take off the wedding dress is bad enough, but to make matters worse, the curse is meant to force the wearer of the dress to kill everyone during the ceremony. Now it sounds like one Wynonna Earp kind of problem. Our protagonist is unable to overcome the curse, even with the help of her on / off lover, Doc Holliday.

Fortunately – and again, appropriately – Waverly is able to save Wynonna with a standard removal spell. After all, it’s Waverly’s day! And it just gets better for the younger Earp sister from then on.

Interrupt the figures of speech

It is not often that we see a gay couple on the television to a happy ending. In fact, the “Bury Your Gays” trope is still very much alive on modern TV, even though showrunners and creators have gotten better at avoiding it. But when Wynonna Earp debuted in 2016, an investigation by LGBT fans deserve better found that sixty-two lesbian and bisexual characters have died in the past two TV seasons.

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From season 1, Wynonna Earp showed the audience exactly how its creators felt about their strange characters. When Nicole – an openly gay character – was badly gunned down in the first season finale, fans braced for her blossoming lesbian relationship with Waverly to end prematurely. The revelation that Nicole was wearing a bulletproof vest, which led to her survival, set the tone for the upcoming show.

In a recent interview with from, Wynonna Earp creator Emily Andras recalled the thought process behind the “ bulletproof lesbian ” moment that made Earpers cheer: Lost girl and what have you. So I understood that we couldn’t just blow a lesbian away. I just wouldn’t write a show like that. “

Nuptials to remember

The Wynonna Earp The Season 4 finale is not only a celebration of Wayhaught’s love, but also a sweet last chance to honor past characters and themes that evolved as the show progressed. Waverly & Nicole’s wedding ceremony was surrounded by empty seats with nameplates calling out characters the series had lost as Wynonna’s story progressed. It was a sweet nod to the show’s history.

And in the end the show is of course still called Wynonna Earp. At least you have to give Wynonna some semblance of a happy ending. With Waverly and Nicole united forever, our titular gunfighter was finally able to admit her love for Doc Holliday and leave town with him. Admittedly, Wynonna needed strong encouragement from her little sister to do this, but she could finally see clearly.

While the season 4 finale provided Wynonna Earp with a fitting ending, Emily Andras hasn’t ruled out the possibility of coming back to Purgatory for more stories about new seasons or a movie later. But even if this is the last we see from Wynonna & the Gang, we can bet they had an ending worthy of their show.

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