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You have to watch these TV shows to update your watchlist in 2021

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Watch and Download Movies Online

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Binge watching your favorite TV shows is the ultimate comfort everyone deserves. Constantly staring at screens and sleeping characters is a kind of rush that most TV series viewers experience.

The sudden plot twists can even be scarier than gamblers waiting for their betting results. However, some apps can get the lottery results quickly, but the excitement of that break is both exciting and worried.

Now that we are done with comparisons, let’s return to the topic of TV. Do you think you can’t find anything Binge-worthy right now? If so, here is a list of the best TV shows to add to your watchlist.

Alice in Borderland

To put it in the beginning, it’s a violent show. And ideally should be kept away from children and those with sensitive abilities. Alice in Borderland is primarily a fantasy show using the concept of Alice in Wonderland: a parallel world. This is what the plot of the show looks like:

  • The plot centers around three friends who fall into their school’s nerd category.
  • They somehow get into trouble and are chased by agents.
  • This chase forces them to hide in a public restroom, which is where the real plot twist begins.
  • Those public toilets seem to open a portal to a parallel universe.
  • That’s when they have to compete with each other to survive.
  • The competition includes a series of violent games set under brilliant cinematography and storyline.
  • But if you can’t stand watching dark fantasies, you can strike it off the list.
  • But for others, it’s your perfect zone-out binge watch.
  • Fun fact: this show is a bit of an adaptation of Manga.
  • To date, there is only one season on the screen.

Big mouth

If you like animated adult comedies like Family Guy then Big Mouth is the show for you. Due to its worldwide popularity, it has been updated to season four or season six.

Watch and Download Movies Online
  • This show recently dropped on Netflix but seems to be successfully winning the hearts of critics and audiences alike.
  • The show revolves around a bunch of seventh grade New York kids undergoing the trials and tribulations of puberty.
  • Just like a lottery, a player tries to get the results of the lottery quickly just like the kids try to grow up quickly.
  • However, their impending puberty haunts through hormone samples.
  • These hormone samples depict scary changes an individual undergoes during puberty.
  • If you are a teenager, this snow can show you the valid reasons behind your body changes through an animated comedy.
  • However, if you are an adult, this show will bring back the memories of your teenage years and puberty.
  • Plus, this show is backed by an impeccable cast of voice actors such as
    • John Mulaney
    • Nick Kroll
    • Jenny Slate and others
  • It has four seasons on Netflix.

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a pure Canadian sitcom that set records as the 2020 Best Comedy Series award.

  • This show revolves around a wealthy family who lose all their money and are forced to leave their luxuries behind.
  • With nowhere to go and absolutely no capital to rest on, they are forced to move to a city they once bought back when they were rich.
  • That city was bought as a joke, but current scenarios prompt them to live in that joke.
  • The series balances comedy with lessons and heartwarming scenes that dictate putting emotions and family above money, something this family never knew before.
  • Eugene Levy and Dany Levy topped this show with a simple message, classic humor, and emotional scenes.
  • The sixth and final episode of this show premiered on Netflix.
  • If you like sitcoms, Schitt’s Creek is the perfect binge watch for you.


Ratched is yet another captivating creation from Ryan Murphy, creator of the famous show called American Horror Story.

  • The show is essentially a prequel to the famous show called ‘Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’.
  • This show centers on Ratched, played by Sarah Paulson, who blackmails everyone into staying in a mental institution.
  • Like American Horror Story, the characters here can show some edgy and violent streaks.
  • This show runs on a great cast of:
    • Sharon Stone
    • Vincent D’Onofrio
    • And Cynthia Nixon
  • The show was a huge hit due to its massive success and will then be renewed for Season 2.

The right place

The Good Place is a strong NBC comedy based on the afterlife. The show focuses on ethics, morals and ways of life. Season 1 of the show introduced quite a few characters, but a major turn in Season 2 changed the entire storyline.

  • Essentially, the show revolves around four characters: Eleanor, Chidi, Jason and Tahani.
  • When Eleanor Shellshtrop, a corrupt saleswoman, dies and ends in a good place, regardless of her immoral life.
  • The mystery of why she was there turns out to be a mess.
  • Any other word can spread spoilers. But don’t forget that this show has more content than just raw comedy.


All these shows can be viewed multiple times and are absolutely valuable. So, get your snacks ready and watch out for any of the shows mentioned above.

Watch and Download Movies Online