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You have to watch the best sci-fi show of the century online for free ASAP

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Watch and Download Movies Online

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Frak yes. The greatest science fiction TV series of the 21st century is easy Battlestar GalacticaThe 2003-2009 series rebooted the space boots, proving that you can completely transform a pretty decent 1978 sci-fi show into something great. Mainly directed by Ronald D. Moore (Star Trek TNG and DS9) and David Eick (Xena and Hercules BSG certain science fiction binge watch culture even before we had streaming.

The Immortal Portlandia sketch in which Fred and Carrie ruin their lives by desperately waiting for the next Netflix DVD from Battlestar episodes are only dated because of the physical DVDs. Up to the present day Battlestar remains the most addictive contemporary sci-fi TV show in existence. But what if you’ve never seen the show? Would you really binge the whole thing from the start? Maybe not. Here’s a warning and a guide to it Battlestar-curious. Maybe not watch the whole show?

Here’s a hack to get the best out of it BSG Minor spoilers ahead.

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Good place to start, Commander Adama (Edward James Olmos) in “33”.NBC / Universal

Where should you start looking? Battlestar Galactica

There are two answers. A purist would tell you to start with “The Miniseries,” the three-hour event that launched the show. When you hit Peacock (true Battlestar free) you will notice that Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries streams separately from the main series. This is usually a formality, and yet … if you’re only trying to see the best of it Battlestaryou can skip the miniseries. Everything.

For hardcore BSG folks, what I’m saying is sacrilege to the lords of Kobol. The point is, you basically get everything you need to know The miniseries when you just start watching the actual show.

TLDR: The Cylons are robots, they can also look like humans, there are only 12 different human ‘models’, the Cylons have destroyed all the human planets in this part of the galaxy and the survivors are fleeing into space in a fleet led by a giant called spaceship Galactica

This is not a spoiler. You get all this in the intros of BSG, and starting with Season 1, Episode 1, “33”, your viewing experience will get better If you are a big fan go back and watch The miniseries. But if you’re trying to get on the show to see why people love it, start with ’33’.

Get ready to drink with Starbuck!NBC / Universal

You have to watch all four seasons Battlestar Galactica

The short answer to this question is no. If you want to love BSG and keep that love in your heart forever, there’s a very real chance you might not want to see the entire series. Especially season 4.

Basically, the show is borderline perfect in season 1. That’s just 13 episodes. The cliffhanger at the end of Season 1 (“Kobols’ Last Gleaming Part 2”) is fantastic, so you’ll want to start watching Season 2 right away. What you should do total To do.

Watch and Download Movies Online

Battlestar Galactica Season 2, is arguably even better than Season 1, and by the time you get to the episode mid-season “The Pegasus,” you will see why. From that moment on, the show keeps getting better and each mystery deepens in a way you don’t see coming. The action in space in Season 2 is insanely good too, and you’ll find yourself wanting certain episodes and theatrical movies. Season 2 also ends with another excellent cliffhanger, leading you into Season 3, and then things get tricky.

Season 3 starts off great.NBC / Universal

Seasons 3 and 4 of BSG are a mixed bag

Okay. There is no easy way to say this so I’m going to say it bluntly. If you only want to get the best out of it Battlestar stop watching Season 3 Episode 4, “Exodus Part 2.” All of the massive upheavals at the end of Season 2 are all but resolved by the end of “Exodus Part 2,” but if you’re really curious about what happened during the “Missing Year” (minor spoilers), go ahead and watch season 3, Episode 9, “Unfinished Business”, which is their favorite episode for some people.

But. Afterwards. You have to make a choice. You can continue through the rest of Season 3, or you can start hopping. If you’re determined to finish the show after ‘Unfinished Business’ halfway through Season 3, I recommend the following: go straight to Episode 13 “Maelstorm”, from season 3, and then just go to the season 3 finale, Crossroads Part 2. That episode ends Season 3 with a huge, massive turn, set up by the events of “Maelstorm.”

Now Peacock has the stand-alone movie Razor at the very end of season 3. Chronic, Razor happens in three timelines: before the show ever started, before Season 2, ed during the beginning of season 3. It was released between the gap between season 3 and season 4, so there’s some cool stuff in there. Can you skip it completely?

Time to say goodbye! NBC / Universal

The necessary Battlestar Galactica episodes

Okay, you’ve done the bare minimum of Season 3. Now comes the greatest challenge of all: Season 4! After the huge huge huge spin at the end of ‘Crossroads Part 2’, you should, yes, watch the season 4 opener ‘,He who believes in me. ” But you know what? Afterwards, skip the rest of the entire season to a very crucial and explanatory episode; Episode 15, “No exit,” and then move on to the three-part series finale Daybreak, Parts 1, 2 and 3. “

That is it. Really. If you want to do Season 4, just watch the first episode, “No Exit,” then the three-part series finale. You get the gist, and you don’t have to go through so many things that aren’t that great. To be clear, season 4 of BSG is still better than most sci-fi TV shows. However, compared to the pace and brilliance of Seasons 1 and Seasons 2, it’s frustrating season in which the characters seem to have treadle water most of the time. There is even a bizarre season finale where the fleet appears to be at the end of their journey, but it really isn’t. This is Episode 10, “Revelations”, is one that some fans have suggested watching as the last episode, but I think there’s something worthy about the real finale, even though some of the choices are a bit weird.

Infamous, season 4 of Battlestar Galactica was held up by the writers from 2007-2008 Guild of America strikeYou could argue that if that strike hadn’t happened, Season 4 might have been different. But even before the attacks took place, Moore and Eick had already decided that season 4 would be the show’s final season.

When you’re done BSG – even skipping hack commands – you may wonder if it’s worth watching the other standalone movie Battlestar Galactica: The Plan But you shouldn’t. During the show you are told that the Cylons have a plan, but in the end you better not know what it was. Believe me.

Battlestar Galactica streams on Peacock.

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