Yellowstone season 4 episode 6: Is there a conflict between Kayce, Jamie?

KayceeIn just over 24 hours you have the chance to see Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6 – So What Can You Expect With That?

As you can imagine, there are some major events that will take center stage over the course of the hour, but we have a feeling that one of the fundamental events will be watching as the mystery surrounding the attack on the Duttons unfolded. We know Jamie was a suspect for a while, but it’s becoming clearer that he’s on the loose. His biological father Garrett Randall may have been one of the main ones involved and that’s where things get all the more complicated. How willing will Jamie be to protect his father? If he’s sure he’s responsible, how much trouble could he have if he chooses to keep it a secret?

There’s definitely a lot to dive into and discuss here, and there’s also a breaking point when it comes to Jamie’s relationship with at least one other character in Kayce. Speaking in a new interview with Esquire, here’s what Luke Grimes had to say on that subject:

I think the end of the rope would be if he endangers his family. It is clear that he considers him a brother and loves him as a brother. You also have to weigh the consequences of actions. And if he ever endangers Tate or Monica – if he finds out there was a direct link with Jamie to the attack that nearly killed his wife and son – then that rope will surely come to an end.

What we think Grimes may be trying to say here is this: If Jamie finds out Certainly what Garrett did, he better come to Kayce with the news. Otherwise, it puts him in a position where an attack can happen all over again.

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