Xbox 360 Kinect Vs Nintendo Wii – A Review

Ever since the two Xbox Kinect hit the console world, the technological possibilities have gone wild. Both consoles offer Home experiences through highly advanced and interactive games. Both consoles lead these experiences with the technologies that enhance the gaming experience. I’m going to take a quick look at the differences and see which console is the best, based on my personal experience.

Great similarities

Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect are very similar. Your motion controllers seem almost similar. What stands out, however, is the presence of three cameras placed around the player – this is clear proof that Microsoft is aware of the technology and how to maximize it. The similarities with Motion Plus technology are there. This is probably a camera placed somewhere in the TV screen. All in all, it comes down to high quality stuff.

The differences are in the way of the complicated tracking with low resolution and the broadband filter with low-pass filter. The pass-through filter is what helps block those little harmonies that are out of your direct view. This kind of technology isn’t easy to come by – it takes a lot of laughter and requires a lot of computing power to try and process it. This differs from the processing power of the Xbox Kinect. Based on tons of processing power and the low-pass filter, this means that Xbox Kinect games have to run at a much higher resolution than what Xbox 360 games require. This results in a much faster experience and a more satisfying and realistic gaming experience and this was one of the selling points for the Wii to begin with.

The return of the classic controller

But the best part of the consoles is the controller. They look familiar, you can still play the exact same titles you could have played on the classic Xbox, and the controller’s buttons can all be clicked by simply shaking the controller. These are not tricks; they are there to improve gameplay.

Why Rough Trade gave up distribution of Xbox 360 Kinect to retailers

Although Microsoft has launched the product at regular retailers, you must select “pre-order” to get the Kinect. This meant that people who wanted the product couldn’t buy it until October. Due to the high demand Microsoft was experiencing, they were forced to expand the offering to most countries, reducing the percentage of people waiting for launch day. As a result of the demand, many retailers reported delays in their delivery times and holidays were therefore planned. This created a new business opportunity for Microsoft.

They bought enough Kinects from the distribution companies and then proceeded to increase production of the product. Due to the increase in production, the waiting time for delivery was reduced to a minimum. In addition, the demand created by the many Kinects ordered also innocently contributed to the increase in demand and thus to shorter delivery times.

However, there were still people who couldn’t be bothered to wait for their Kinect and so they awaited the release of the product the old-fashioned way. That was the time when people who couldn’t get the Kinect printed on their own wanted a copy of it delivered uninterrupted.

When launch day finally arrived, those who couldn’t wait took matters into their own hands. Many resorted to advertisements and search engines to look for a way to get it before the official release day. However, as a result, many people were unable to access these solutions.

Where relevant, a large number of Previews of the product were enjoyed by various fans, critics and gamers. This certainly had an impact on enticing buyers to place orders, ultimately resulting in a program of local delivery of the product to the homes.

Kinect vs Xbox 360

An additional feature of the Xbox 360 console that sets it apart from the Kinect is the Xbox Live. This feature allows players to compete online. Kinect draws its strength from this feature, which is why pre-order sales for the Kinect became significant. The strength of Kinect is also in the brand name and the choice for mainly the same hardware that Xbox Live uses.

The Xbox 360 Kinect used three main variants, each for different segments of the audience. These include Kinect for the Xbox 360, Kinect for the Xbox 360 Core, and Kinect for the Xbox 360 Pro.

Considering Kinect’s performance, it’s clear the Xbox 360 Kinect endings are going to be a big hit among hardcore and casual gamers alike. Kinect’s modest sales since its release have clearly indicated this.

In addition, Kinect’s superior interactive gaming experience draws individuals of all ages and experience levels. For people who have not yet played specially designed games for Xbox or who enjoy Kinect’s advanced and more complex controller, this is clearly the right choice for you.

Where to buy

You can access the Xbox 360 Kinect pricing here. When you consider that the Kinect is still a new product, it is of course impossible to give a general overview of the Kinect prices.

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