World of Warcraft Netherweave Shuffle Full breakdown

The Netherweave shuffle among them is probably my favorite aside from Embersilk of course. There are almost always low-cost auctions, either of people leveling up new characters, or conducting Burning Crusade raids, hoping to get mounts or pets. Most of the time it will be cheap enough to buy out much of the auctions so you can do this shuffle.

Normally I buy anything under 55 silver. It takes a total of 15 Netherweave fabrics to make the Netherweave Belt or Netherweave Bracers, it doesn’t really matter as they both use the same material; 3 Netherweave bolts and a rune wire. The total cost to make these greens is approximately nine gold. It depends how much I buy the materials when I do. In case of disillusionment, you have the chance to get 1-3 mysterious dust, which is all we are looking for. The dust sells for about 10-30 gold per unit on my server.


  • Make 108 Netherweave Belts
  • All cultivated material from different locations
  • 233 Arcane Dust 10 g / = 2330 gold
  • 55 Lesser Planner Essence 2g / = 110 gold
  • 12 small prismatic shards 1g / 12 gold

Total gold

1277 gold

Material costs:

  • 1631 Netherweave 55s / = 897 gold
  • 108 Rune Thread 50s / = 54 gold

Total price

951 gold


1379 gold

But wait, there’s more to it if you want to make even more gold! Scroll down to find out what else you can use Netherweave for. Make sure to save your Arcane fabric.


Imbued Neatherweave’s bout has a big profit margin for those on a heavy Transmog server. Hopefully, however, more and more people in Legion will enjoy the thrill of collecting countless amounts of clothing to style their characters. To make this bolt you will need three bolts of Netherweave (15 Netherweave cloth) and 2 Arcane fabric. I don’t normally sell the drenched bolts, what you are really looking for are Spellcloth, Shadow Cloth and Primal Mooncloth.

Spellcloth sells for 900 gold, shade cloth 1000 gold, and Primal Mooncloth 700 gold on my server.

Crafting materials:

Spell Cloth

  • 1 Bolt of Netherweave imbued
  • 1 primeval fire
  • 1 Primal Mana

Shade cloth

  • 1 Bolt of Netherweave imbued
  • 1 primeval fire
  • 1 Primal Shadow

Primal Mooncloth

  • 1 Bolt of Netherweave imbued
  • 1 primal life
  • 1 primeval water

To turn this into gold, you have to check the going rate of all these materials yourself and see if it is worth camping and running this market at the auction house. I would always keep bolt-soaked Netherweave on your tailor in case you never know when someone is undermining the competition. Hopefully if you want to grow the materials my Netherweave sites will come out soon, but this will require the primals.


However, if you want to edit Netherweave cloth. There are some really good ‘force respawn’ locations, such as Legionnaires’ Room, the Star’s Shrine, and before entering the Black Temple. These are all located in Shadowmoon Valley. You also have locations in Nagrand such as Forge Camp Fear, one of the two caves around Halaa, Laughing Skull Ruins and Burning Blade Ruins.

As for the Terokkar Forest, there are also plenty of Netherweave Force spawn farms you can and should visit if you plan on doing this shuffle. These locations are Bleeding Hollow Ruins, Firewing Point, Skettis and the Shadow Tomb, which is located at the top left of Auchindoun.

Not sure what a forced respawn is? Well, a force respawn location is where there should always be a certain number of mobs. You normally see this with quest mobs or any kind of mob on a mission to kill them. For example, you kill seven out of ten mobs. Then you have three left. However, there must always be at least three of these mobs present. You end up killing one of those three mobs, leaving you two. This is where all the magic happens. Because there would be at least 3 of this crowd. You cause what is called a force respawn. Once you kill that third crowd, make sure another one spawns immediately.

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