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Litecoin, Ripple & Bitcoin — Asian Wrap 21 November

Litecoin’s price increase would have started sooner than expected, but like the rest of the crypto market, it is not possible to determine what the future will be for the altcoin. Interestingly enough, the answer is not as hidden as it seems; in fact, it remains more in the hands of the whale addresses than the macro market signals.

The XRP price is on the verge of losing the gains the altcoin saw in the first week of November. One of the biggest catalysts when it comes to price action is the use cases of Ripple and XRP among banks, as well as their exposure to this altcoin. However, it looks like Ripple has lost that crown to Polkadot.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) remains northward at first glance, but a closer look reveals that a correction may be underway. It comes at a time when momentum is waning, but BTC holders will not give in and continue to cling to any straw of grass to delay what could be inevitable.

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