Winter Games 2023 Review – All Downhill From Here (PS5)

The first race I entered while playing Winter Games 2023, was a race that involved a shooting gallery and uphill skiing. This race turned out to be quite prophetic in terms of my overall thoughts on the game as the whole thing feels like a steep uphill battle. By the time you get to the top of that hill, you’ll be exhausted and wondering if it was worth it.

The experience of the actual gameplay in Winter Games 2023 is like entering a time capsule. However, it is a very specific type of time capsule that takes you back to a place from your childhood, but takes away all the fun and joy of that bygone era. Remember the SSX games on PlayStation 2? Well, imagine that one, except with all the fun elements removed.

Winter Games 2023 is out now and can be purchased on Steam.

It really goes downhill from here...
It really goes downhill from here…

Even after completing all the different competitions present in the game, I still feel like I barely scratched the surface of any of these sports. Everything feels so shallow and superficial, there is no nuance or depth to the gameplay. The sporting side activities in Grand Theft Auto V are more detailed than anything in this game.

Winter Games 2023 can’t decide if it wants to be a simulation game or a more arcade experience. It lacks the detailed visuals and nuanced gameplay necessary for a simulation game and it lacks the fun of being written off as an arcade experience.

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