Will “The Gifted Season 3” be renewed in 2021?

Mary Adler: You drive like an old lady.

Frank Adler: It’s Florida; I get involved.”

Do you remember this conversation between Mary and Frank? If you remember this, you will surely wonder about The Gifted season 3.

The Gifted Season 3

In fact, after the end of The Gifted season 2, fans are asking about season 3. So in this article, we will share all the information about season 3. Join us to get all the latest updates:

The Gifted Season 3:

The American superhero television series “The Gifted”, created by Matt Nix for Fox. Fox Television produced the series in association with Marvel Television. In addition, the Nix acted as showrunner.

A science fiction superhero show has everything audiences dream of in a series. Along with the science fiction drama, it has action and adventure to bind the users to the storyline.

The storyline is unique where X-man disappeared and parents were forced to put their children on the run when they revealed that the children were suffering from mutated abilities. You will also explore the X-Men world in the series.

The Gifted Season 3: Is It Happening?

Since the completion of Season 2, fans have been asked about the future of the show. Is it coming or not…

Unfortunately, season 3 has been canceled by Fox as of now.

According to the TVLine, Fox’s “lowest-rated, least-watched drama,” the show’s producer Matt Nix recently acknowledged in an interview with the publisher. He further added, “We’d like our ratings to be higher as a primetime network show.”

But while he had words with the Slash Film, Nix said: all is not lost and that they can turn to stream as an option: I think my feeling is that most likely if we come back we will go back in some creative way. Some collaboration, because I think what we found is that fans of the gifted are big fans of the gifted.

“We have a solid fan base, and it’s a little small for the broadcast networks. But we’re doing well on streaming, so they can be there; I hope there is something to work out in that area.”

So there is little hope of a return. The show is canceled by Fox, but Fox is not the creator of the show. We can expect his comeback, but the possibilities are not so great.

The Gifted Season 3: Release Date:

Currently, Fox has denied season 3 renewal, so there will be no season 3 and release date. When it becomes known, the series will follow the previous pattern for the release.

We will update the section once the show gets positive signal from the creators and the release date is confirmed.

IMBd Rating:

To learn more about the series review, stay tuned. We have listed it for you.

The IMBd rates The Gifted Series 7.3, which is acceptable. If you want to know more about it, take a look at the screenshot.

The Gifted Season 3


User feedback:

To give you more transparency about the series, we’ve shared feedback from the audience. Also share your feedback with us.


If The Gifted gets more into the family aspects and less into Greater Conspiracies, Fox could have a fun X-Men Lite ride on its hands. Just don’t expect the same level of complexity as FX’s Legion.


The writers do an excellent job of mentioning the timeline associated with the X-Men. And it’s clear from the start; this is going to be a story about survival. The heroes are clearly defined and the report gives you enough reason to advocate for the mutants.


The show was excellent and intriguing, I liked that it was based on the X men and had its element. I absolutely loved it, and I really recommend checking it out.


I like the interpersonal dynamics of the group; the leaders, both villains and heroes, are portrayed in a more realistic light, showing their high moments as well as their flaws.

Is there a chance that season 3 will be revived?

Opportunities are there, but small. Actually, the production of The Gifted is handled by Marvel Television, which has run roughly Hulu and Disney Freeform.

The show’s renewal is based on Disney’s decision, not Fox. The series is not owned by Fox. So hoe the best and wait for the maker’s decisions.

Where can you stream The Gifted season 3?

There’s a chance season 3 will be available on Hulu or you’ll be able to access it through the real-time feature. You can’t access it on Fox, as the showrunner said at the Television Critics Association:

When the X-Men show charged, he accepted that The Gifted Season 3 would not air on Fox or TV broadcasts, but rather could be seen through a real-time feature.

The Gifted Season 3

Perhaps the Nix has noticed that fans are eagerly awaiting Season 3. Plus, the fanbase is also loyal; however, they are less in number, yet they have positive comments in the mind of the producer.

The Gifted Season 3: First Look:

The first look of the series has not yet been released. Once the show gets positive sign and production work kicks off, we can only expect the first look. Until then, hope for continuation, then we can expect something else.

Famous Dialogues:

Do you remember the conversation between the gifted characters or their famous characters? If not then enjoy, we have collected all his famous quotes for you.

The Gifted Season 3

  • “Roberta Taylor: I’m so worried.

Frank Adler: Come on, Roberta. like you get started cry, I’ll have to pretend get started to cry.”

  • Evelyn Adler: Midlife crisis, apparently.

Frank Adler: He’s 70.

Evelyn Adler: I know. Must have been a delay in time or something.”

  • Frank Adler: Diane instructed me very clearly… that I should only publish it postmortem.
  • Evelyn Adler: She died six years past.

Frank Adler: It wasn’t her death she was talking about.”

  • “Never go on the bad side of petty people who have a little bit of authority.”
  • “This is going to be fun. You are going to meet children today that you can borrow money of the rest of your life.”
  • “She’s not normal, but if Einstein can ride a bike, so can she.”

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