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Director Hwang Dong-hyuk may have changed his mind when it came to making a sequel to the first season of squid game. Despite recently saying that he had no immediate plans to develop a season 2, his talks with the press seem to be turning the tide. Let’s see where the director’s head is now.

Early questions

When asked if he would consider making a season 2, Hwang gives a solid idea. . . could be. According to a recent interview in Vanity Fair, the idea of ​​a season 2 was pretty exhausting to even think about. “If I were to do it, I certainly wouldn’t do it alone. I would consider using a writer’s room and would like multiple experienced directors,” Hwang said.

Anyway, Hwang says he’ll take his time. “Write (squid game) was harder than usual for me because it was a series, not a movie. It took me six months to write and rewrite the first two episodes. Then I consulted verbally with friends and got directions for improvement from my own pitching and from their reactions.”

Thinking out loud

According to Netflix global TV head Bela Bajaria, that can all be arranged. During a conversation with Vulture about squid gameAn immediate success, Bajaria believes a writer’s room will be a cinch to assemble in time for Season 2. “We’re trying to find the right structure for him.”

When asked by The times As to which direction season 2 would take, Hwang does have an idea about a character who plays a former police officer who now oversees the game. “If I could do one, one would be the Frontman’s story,” he mused. “I think the problem with police officers is not just a problem in Korea. I see it on the world news. . . This was an issue I wanted to address. Maybe I can talk more about it in season 2.”

Reflecting on the Violence of Capitalism

The Frontman character has proven to be just one of many charismatic yet enigmatic characters from squid game. The series follows 465 people with serious gambling problems who compete in six children’s games over six days to win the equivalent of $38 million US dollars.

The losers die in serious gory deaths, leaving viewers grappling with their fateful character flaws. Ironically, the nature of their deaths makes these flaws all the more endearing and disturbingly recognizable.

According to Hwang’s interview with Variety, that was part of the plan. “I wanted to write a story that was an allegory or fable about modern capitalist society, something that depicts extreme competition, a bit like the extreme competition of life. But I wanted it to use the kind of characters we’ve all met in real life,” Hwang said.

He addressed that sentiment in his interview with The Times, saying, “We’re all just focused on winning. I wanted to take a break and think about who’s making the system and where we’re going.”

waiting game

While Netflix is ​​notorious for not renewing multiple seasons of hugely successful series, the skyrocketing success of Korean dramas in the US leads us to believe we haven’t quite seen the last of the series. squid game. The series has even become the most popular series on Netflix in 90 countries behind Bridgerton. It’s also the streaming platform’s most successful non-English show to date since its debut on September 17.

For those wondering what future seeds were planted at the end of the first season, well, we’re not into spoilers. Nevertheless, rest assured, we’ll be working on it when season 2 of squid game confirmed. Until then, all nine episodes of squid game currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.


How soon do you think Hwang will change his mind and take the plunge into a new season? Let us know in the comments!

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