Why we travel?

Why indeed? Travel is in people’s blood. Am alive, will travel. I’m going on a private vacation or a very public one.

Seeing is believing

You have seen the Seven Wonders of the World countless times in photos and in videos. No one can blame you for the boredom that sets in after a while. Maybe after a few thousand visits you want to go to Up on the Cripple Creek with The Band for company on YouTube, but wouldn’t you die to be at their live show? That’s travel: a live show! That’s as private a vacation as you can get. Standing in front of the Pyramid of Cheops and feeling the excitement is not the same as the lengthy videos released by the BBC or something like that.

The atmosphere in your living room can never be compared to the presence of the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China that stretches into nothingness on the horizon. Man-made or designed by nature, to see something first hand, that’s what travel is all about. Not to be forgotten is enjoying the authentic local food, whether you eat it at the street vendor where the sky is the roof or at a fancy restaurant where the price is through the roof. Private holidays or in a group, you can enjoy your trip the way you want, eat the way you want.

Nostalgia as a catalyst

Longing for times long gone is more than a feeling. Fall in love earlier. You can fall in love as many times as you see a beautiful girl. Going back in time to reminisce about events and places is a fun way to pass your time. What if you could actually go back to the place, but not to the actual period in time? Time machines may not be there for you to take a trip on, but for now you can take a bus or something else to get back to the place you love.

Even a blade of grass that was green a year ago when you first saw it but has changed the color of an orange can do things to you. Every place has its own place in the heart. The backyard of the house you grew up in but no longer live in, the hill where you and friends stole a cigarette, everything has a million dollar memory. You’re actually lucky that you don’t have to spend that much. Travel expenses are all you need for such a private vacation.

Travel writings

Some of the world’s famous travelers have left their experience in the books they wrote. Reading their bills sparks the passion of even a listless traveler to start thinking seriously about packing his bag and heading out. In recent times, Harvard professor George Santayana’s praise for travel should have inspired thousands of people to embark on a journey.

Sea, the rival of the land

The vastness of the sea, for countless land-dwelling men, is an attraction like no other. Walking on the boardwalk deck on a liner with the cool breeze caressing your entire anatomy as the evening sun shines on the blue sea and makes it gold, that’s what heaven is all about. Every man, woman and child is transformed into a real blue sailor while sailing. Why not? Are sailors not one of the very good people?

Get away from it all

No one but the Beatles can have an eight-day workweek, but the work you do five days a week makes you feel like you’ve had an eight-day workweek. You want to take the hitherto untapped road to places no one has ever gone before. You don’t need to delve into travel statistics to find that traveling around the world is increasing significantly, whether it’s a private vacation or a vacation taken with all family members and friends.

So, why do we travel?

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