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Who is the new A? Meet the Cast of the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reboot –

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Who is the new A?  Meet the Cast of the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reboot –
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Liars is coming back to television in an upcoming reboot. The original series ran on Freeform from 2010 to 2017, and follows a group of girls whose friendship falls apart after their boyfriend, Alison, goes missing. A year later, the friends are reunited when a mysterious person known as “A” threatens and tortures them with knowledge of lies told before and after Alison’s death.

The series has many twists and turns, especially learning who the mysterious “A” is. Of course everything has to be restarted. So is it really a surprise that HBO Max is rebooting? Liars? We don’t think so. Everything just goes on and on. Of course, if Spider-Man can be rebooted a million times, then so can Liars.

So what do we know about the reboot of the series? Do we know who the A is in the upcoming project? Well, no, because that’s the mystery of the original series. Duh. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what we know so far about the Liars reboot, shall we?

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

To be honest, Liars doesn’t have a reboot so much as a spin-off. Not surprising. The show has been spun off many times. Although, frankly, both series were never too long. There was the more supernaturally inclined drama, namely: Ravenswood. Then there was the sequel, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, which was pretty solid but quickly canceled.

Can Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin break the line? according to Variety, the story reads: “Twenty years ago, a series of tragic events nearly tore apart the working-class town of Millwood. Now, in the present day, a group of disparate teenage girls – a brand new set of Little Liars – are tormented by an unknown assailant and must atone for the secret sin their parents committed two decades ago, as well as their own. .”

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin comes from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale, the chilling adventures of Sabrina) and Lindsay Calhoon Bring (Frequency, the chilling adventures of Sabrina). Instead of airing on Freeform, the series will air on HBO Max, which will help keep the teen content between that and Gossip Girl. Now it becomes less “who is A” and more “who is attacker”.

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin today announced its first casting news in terms of the new Little Liars. Chandler Kinney and Maia Refico star in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Kinney’s credits include roles in: Zombies 2, Deadly Weapon, and American horror story. Reficco’s roles include: Kally’s mashup, next to normal, and Netflix’s upcoming movie strangers.

according to Variety, their characters are described as follows: “Kinney will play Tabby, an aspiring director and horror film buff. Like the other Little Liars, Tabby hides a secret. Refico plays Noa, an aspiring, sardonic track star who works hard to get her life back on track. rails after a summer in juvenile detention.” So it looks like these two characters will have a lot on their plate.

Fair, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin sounds a bit like a mix between A nightmare on Elm Street (where the parents have secrets and take revenge on the children) and, like, the scream television series. Anyway, we’re excited to see where the series goes from here!

Do you get excited about this Liars offshoot? What do you think about Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know!

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