Who are the best players of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

FIFA 22 is the latest installment in Electronic Arts’ most successful video game series. The game has many features, and one of them is Ultimate Team. So, fans are eager to know about the best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players that they should have in their roster. This video game was released on October 1, 2021. This game is the successor to FIFA 21, which came out last year. The new game has many updates such as face models, stats, kits and teams. Also, the game mechanics are more realistic than previous installments.

The latest FIFA game also comes with many game modes for you to enjoy. Like previous installments, players can play with famous clubs and national teams; or live the career of their favorite player. There is also an option for players to create their character and enjoy the career of a player or manager. However, FIFA 22 goes one step further as it allows you to create your team and direct the story of a club from rags to riches. But in addition to the offline mode, FIFA also has an online mode called Ultimate Team which has become a huge hit. Therefore, today we will talk about the FUT mode and the best players of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

What is Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team is the online mode of the FIFA video game. This mode was first introduced in FIFA 09, but as a downloadable expansion. Furthermore, it was only available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Later in 2010, Ultimate Team became part of FIFA 10, but this mode was still limited to Playstation and Xbox. Since FIFA 12, this mode is available on all consoles and has become one of the most favorite modes to enjoy the video game.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Transfer Market

In this mode, the players can build and manage their clubs. The players have different kinds of modes available in Ultimate Team. The players can compete against other players online. There are also offline game modes such as the Squad Battles, in which players compete against squads of other players. However, AI controls these squads rather than the actual players. The FUT also offers a FUT Draft mode, where gamers choose the appropriate player from a draw of five. They can then compete against other players online or against AI-powered squads offline. Gamers can also sell or buy players, managers and other items for their club on the Ultimate Team transfer market.

Who are the best players in the Ultimate Team?

In Ultimate Team, gamers are given player cards that they can use to build their squads. There are hundreds of cards in the FUT. These cards are mainly divided into three categories: gold, silver and bronze. As the name suggests, gold cards are highly valued cards while bronze cards are lower and silver are mediocre cards. In addition to these three primary categories, the game also presents some unique edition player cards with higher stats than that player’s default card. So let’s take a look at the best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players that gamers need to put together a great roster.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Numbers up)

The German footballer is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. In addition to playing for the German national team, he is the primary goalkeeper for the Catalan giants, FC Barcelona. The Blaugrana goalkeeper is already one of the top-rated GKs with a 90-rated Gold Card. However, he got a higher rated card on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. FUT has released the Numbers Up card, a collaboration with Adidas. For example, the players who were affiliated with this brand received a stat boost and increased their rating. That’s why Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s Numbers Up card is rated 91 and got a +1 boost in all of his stats.

Marc Andre ter Stegen Numbers up FIFA 22
Marc André ter Stegen
  • Diving: 89
  • Handling: 89
  • Spades: 91
  • Reflexes: 89
  • Speed: 44
  • Positioning: 89

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