Where was Ordeal of Innocence filmed? The production locations

Ordeal of Innocence is a three-part drama series that aired on the BBC network and premiered in April 2018. It is the third English film adaptation of the Agatha Christie book, which bears the same name. Morven Christie, Anna Chancellor, Bill Nighy, Eleanor Tomlinson and Alice Eve are among the cast members of the play. Now let’s go over the details of where was Ordeal of Innocence filmed?

The series was scheduled to air as part of the BBC’s Christmas program but was postponed due to allegations of sexual assault against original fellow actor Ed Westwick. Christian Cooke took his place in his sequences, which were then re-recorded. On March 11, 2019, Universal Pictures UK launched the show on DVD. Despite some controversy over the storyline changes, the series received acclaim. Much praise was given to the direction and style.

Ordeal by Innocence, like most of Agatha Christie’s other novels and short stories, is set in the English West Country. The location of this film production was changed to Highlands of Scotland and was mainly shot around Inverkip. Sarah Phelps, who was behind the last two Agatha Christie film versions for the BBC network over the Christmas break, rewrote the suspense thriller for the film. Phelps admitted that he changed several aspects of the story, most notably the conclusion. Before we get into the details of where the Ordeal of Innocence was filmed, we need to know a little more about the synopsis.

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Adapted from Agatha Christie’s 1958 book, filmmaker Sandra Goldbacher masterfully crafts this crime story into a three-part miniseries. The Argylls are furious about the violent death of their wealthy mother, Rachel, and the person suspected of her murder, Rachel’s adoptive son Jack, who then died in prison a year and a half before the story begins. Now that Leo Argyll is ready to marry his secretary, he picks up his four adopted children. It is shown that Jack was not guilty of Rachel’s death, the issue of who really killed her comes up.

Sunny Point, home of the Argyll family, will be disturbed by a murder and the accusations that follow in the 2018 BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie. Heiress Rachel and her husband Leo Argyll are played by Anna Chancellor and Bill Nighy, respectively.

Where was Ordeal by Innocence filmed?

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The cast of the show was Anthony Boyle as Jack Argyll, accused murderer and adopted son, Anna Chancellor as Rachel Argyll, victim and mother, Crystal Clarke as Tina Argyll, Christian Cooke as Mickey Argyll, Morven Christie as Kirsten Lindstrom, Alice Eve as Gwenda Vaughn, Bill Nighy as Leo Argyll, father and Rachel’s husband, Ella Purnell as Hester Argyll, daughter, Matthew Goode as Philip Durrant, Morven Christie as Kirsten Lindstrom, Eleanor Tomlinson as Mary Durrant, Brian McCardie as Bellamy Gould, Luke Treadaway as Doctor Calgary .

Where is Ordeal of Innocence filmed?


The Ardgowan Estate’s popularity as a filming location has drawn parallels to Highclere, best known as the residence of Downton Abbey. However, the current owner likes to see the project components. He says, “It’s a bit like a funfair coming into town – you’re sitting there with the entertainers”. Sir Ludovic Shaw-Stewart, 12th Baronet, says his ownership is changing at Christie’s Sunny Point, saying “It’s amazing to see how everything works, this quite large, well-oiled machine”. The owners even kept some of the stage decorations, as they matched the property very well.

Where was Ordeal by Innocence filmed?

Ordeal of innocence, Ardgowan home.

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