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Where to watch the ‘Harry Potter’ series –

Watch and Download Movies Online
Watch and Download Movies Online

Watch and Download Movies Online

We are never too old to watch Harry Potter or read the books. After a stressful day, it’s normal to want to drift to a magical land, and what could be more magical than the Harry Potter franchise?

With so many streaming services, it is sometimes difficult to know where to look for your favorite movies and series. Unfortunately, Harry Potter isn’t available on Netflix or Disney +, so we’ll have to look elsewhere for these movies.

Escape the Muggle world by observing it all Harry Potter saga. If you’re wondering where to watch them, check out our list of the best sites to stream the movies.

Amazon Prime

although Harry Potter is not available for free on Prime, you can rent the movies for a starting price of $ 2.99 each. Unfortunately, there is a catch here. After purchase, the films are only available for viewing for thirty days. Once you start watching, you only have three days to finish the movie before it is no longer available.

If you are looking for a service where you can get the Harry Potter movies anytime, Amazon Prime also has the option to purchase the movies starting at $ 12.99 each. Although you have the Harry Potter movies on Amazon Prime, it can be a good option if you just want to watch some movies once or if you already have Amazon Prime on your devices.


If you already have a Mac or an iPhone, you might as well use your iTunes to get it Harry Potter saga. The whole Harry Potter collection is available for you to view on the platform for $ 59.99. The bundle contains all eight films.

This is a good option if you already have an iTunes account and don’t want to deal with more apps. Your library is also automatically synced, so you can have the eight movies on your phone or computer without much hassle.

Watch and Download Movies Online


Another easily accessible alternative to it Harry Potter movies is YouTube. On the well-known platform, users can rent or buy the eight films. Each movie costs $ 4 to rent and $ 8 to purchase.

If you decide to rent, you have thirty days every Harry Potter movie you selected before it is no longer available. One of the good sides of using YouTube is that you can watch it on almost any device as the app is usually pre-installed on most smartphones and smart TVs.

Unfortunately, torrents are an easy way to watch our favorite movies without paying for them. With platforms such as, users can view almost any type of content with just a few clicks. This app works by installing add-ons or extensions in your web browser and collecting torrents from all over the web.

Using services like has its drawbacks, of course. One of the biggest problems is that you could view them all Harry Potter film for free without generating any income for the creator, JK Rowling, or any other person who can benefit from the franchise.

Another downside to using torrents is that they make your computer more vulnerable to viruses if they are executed incorrectly. If you are not careful, you can download malware to your computer that can seriously damage it. The risk is, of course, lower if you use an antivirus program.


Another safer alternative is to watch Harry Potter use a VPN to access content that is only available on Netflix in other countries. By using a VPN you can change your IP address to make it look like you are in a different country than you actually are.

If you don’t want to look for other platforms to watch Harry Potter you can just buy a VPN service and set your location to Spain, Poland or Portugal.

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