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Where is ‘Bridgerton’ going now? Check out what’s coming for the series –

Where is ‘Bridgerton’ going now?  Check out what’s coming for the series –
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Bridgerton is the series where Netflix is ​​going all-in, since the series has been renewed during season 4. With eight books in the Bridgerton books, there are many plot points to dive into. Like a scary amount of plot, usually with every Bridgerton sibling finding their true love and living happily ever after. After all, this is a romantic series, folks.

What can we expect next Bridgerton? We’re not just talking about the series’ second season. Oh no. We are coming in future seasons of Bridgerton also. After all, we can look in the books to have a vague idea of ​​where the series is ultimately headed in future seasons. So get ready to be more informed than Lady Whistledown with where Bridgerton goes next.

Where is ‘Bridgerton’ going now?  Check out what’s coming for the series –

Season 2: The viscount who loved me

Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), he of the glorious sideburns, will take center stage Bridgerton season 2. Bridgerton’s oldest brother is now looking for love. Or he would rather find a wife than a love match. In season 2 of Bridgerton, he finds it in Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran), who he thinks will make an excellent woman regardless of the fuss about love.

Unfortunately, Edwina has a protective older sister, Kate (Simone Ashley), who knows Anthony’s reputation and suspects his plans for her sister. Shenanigans will follow, helping the couple find true love together. We won’t spoil too much of the series, but Anthony will end up with Kate, which should be very interesting indeed.

In accordance with BridgertonAt various casting, Kate is not white. Her name has been changed from Sheffield to Sharma to reflect the casting of British-Indian actress Simone Ashley in the role. In case you pick up the book and wonder why the name is different.

Season 3: An offer from a gentleman

The third season of Bridgerton is all about Benedict (Luke Thompson). In this book of the series, he meets Sophie Beckett, who is very much living her own Cinderella story. Despite being the daughter of a count, she is forced into a serving role by her spiteful stepmother. Cue a magical fairytale night brought to life as she spins across the dance floor in the arms of Benedict Bridgerton.

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Now fans may be hoping for some big changes. Let’s be real here. They dangled the idea that Benedict Bridgerton was somehow bisexual. If this alt history could be more diverse and acceptable, why not add sexual orientation in addition, you know? Make Sophie, Solomon or something and let the love bloom. Or maybe we just hope too much.

But also let it happen. Please?

Season 4: Romantic Mr. Bridgerton

Okay, we’ll be honest, Season 4 is the season we’re most excited about. This is all about the romance between Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) that we’ve been raving about since seeing them live on screen in Season 1. In this book, Colin realizes that his little sister’s best friend is now a woman, and Penelope has always had a flame for Colin, but …

But they both have secrets. Penelope discovers one of Colins that makes her question everything. Colin, meanwhile, learns that Penelope has secrets of her own (one we know is called Lady Whistledown). So they both need to stay true to the course in order for this ship of true love to run as smoothly as possible. However, it will be a fun ride!

What season from Bridgerton are you most excited about it? What do you think comes next for the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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