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Where can you watch The Sinner season 4? Streaming details, cast, plot and all about the Bill Pullman thriller series

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Where can you watch The Sinner season 4?  Streaming details, cast, plot and all about the Bill Pullman thriller series

Popular American Police Procedural Drama the sinner is back with its fourth season. The Bill Pullman starrer anthology series has already aired on USA Network.

The brand new season brings a mostly fresh cast, with Pullman reprising his role as Detective Harry Ambrose. The revamped storyline is all set to rekindle fan excitement.

The Sinner: All about the fourth season of the thriller series with anthologies

When did The Sinner season 4 premiere?

The first episode of The Sinner Season 4 aired on October 13 (Image via USA Network)

The Sinner Season 4 premiered on US cable channel USA Network, the show’s original broadcaster. It has been the platform for the show’s premiere every season.

The fourth season has not launched in its entirety as only the first episode aired on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. The upcoming episodes will also have a Wednesday premiere every week.

American viewers can watch the official trailer here:

Where can you watch The Sinner Season 4 online?

The Netflix release will be later (Image via USA Network)

The first three seasons by the sinner are available on Netflix and the fourth season will also be released on the famous OTT platform. However, the Netflix release isn’t going to happen anytime soon and no other reputable platform is streaming season 4.

However, viewers can use the streaming TV services available in the United States to watch USA Network online. Some of the TV streaming platforms are FuboTV (fuboTV), SlingTV (slingTV), Hulu With Live TV (Hulu + Live TV) and many more.

The Sinner Season 4: TV schedule and number of episodes

Season 4 has eight episodes (Image via USA Network)

Season four of the fan-favorite thriller drama will feature eight episodes, premiering every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Here’s the full schedule of The Sinner Season 4 on USA Network:|

  • Episode 1 – October 13
  • Episode 2 – October 20
  • Episode 3 – October 27
  • Episode 4 – November 3
  • Episode 5 – November 10
  • Episode 6 – November 17
  • Episode 7 – November 24
  • Episode 8 – December 1

The Sinner Season 4: Plot, Cast and Characters

Detective Harry Ambrose is still the protagonist of the new season (Image via USA Networks)

Cast and characters

  • Bill Pullman portrays Detective Harry Ambrose
  • Jessica Hecht portrays Sonya
  • Frances Fishero portrays Meg Muldoon
  • Alice Kremelberg portrays Percy Muldoon
  • Michael Mosley portrays Colin Muldoon
  • Neal Huff portrays Sean Muldoon
  • Chindy Cheung portrays Stephanie Lam
  • Ronin Wong portrays Mike Lam

Harry is in full investigation mode and we’re here for it! What do you think the meaning of these items is? 🔎#The Sinner

The fourth season follows the story of trauma-ridden detective Harry Ambrose who is living his retirement with his partner Sonya. The story gets more interesting when:

An unexpected tragedy occurs involving the daughter of a prominent island family. Ambrose is recruited to help with the investigation, but is then thrown into a mystery of mounting paranoia that turns this sleepy tourist island and Ambrose’s life upside down. will put.”