Where can you watch ‘Not Evil Just Wrong’? Is it available on Netflix?

Not bad, just wrong is a documentary film released in 2009. The documentary film is directed by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. The film shows that the evidence of global warming is inconclusive. The effects of global warming on business and industry will be far more harmful than beneficial to humans. With this film, the makers also wanted to highlight the impact of climate legislation on the average families in the US and also on families in developing countries. A major area of ​​focus of the film is the UK Supreme Court ruling that found nine errors in the documentary, An uncomfortable truth by Al Gore. Not bad, just wrong also sheds light on claims about the Medieval Warm Period and the debunking of the hockey stick chart by Stephen McLntyre.

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The documentary film Not bad, just wrong was filmed in 2008. It was subsequently screened at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and also at the RightOnline conference that took place in 2009. Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer produced the film. Greener Horizon Films has distributed this documentary. The running time of the film is ninety minutes.

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Wondering where to look? Not bad, just wrongWe’ve compiled a list of streaming sites where you can watch this documentary.

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Where can you watch Not Evil Just Wrong?

Many viewers wonder and also search for Not bad, just wrong full movie. The movie can be viewed on idfa.nl Not bad, just wrong full movie can also be viewed on Amazon Prime. The documentary film Not Evil Just Wrong being watched online is currently not available on Netflix.

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No harm, just a wrong assessment

The documentary film Not bad, just wrong review shows that the documentary received an average rating of 5.9 / 10 on IMDB. The film has received both good and less positive reviews from the public. Scientific counter-arguments put forward in the documentary film are appreciated by the public. The movie is also described by the audience as a terrible movie because it doesn’t help much in the climate change debate going on in the world.

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