Where can you watch ‘Eight For Silver’? Streaming options for the werewolf saga

Sean Ellis’ Eight for silver premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year. This werewolf saga stars Kelly Reilly, Boyd Holbrook, Amelia Crouch and more. Eight for silver tells the story of revenge with the element of mysticism and touches on subjects such as colonization. If you surfed the internet for Eight for silver check out online resources since its release at the Sundance Film Festival, this is the right place. Before we answer the question – where to look Eight for silver – here’s a quick recap of the movie.

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When a group of indigenous people, the Roma, claim their land, Seamus Laurent (Alistaire Petrie) and a group of other people who own the land kill all the Roma. One Roma curses the country and every inhabitant of it. What follows is that the area is haunted, causing nightmares to every person living there. They see a strange man with straws all over his body. He is none other than one of the Romas who was buried. After this, werewolves begin to take over the land. At one point, Laurent’s son goes missing and John McBride (Boyd Holbrook) investigates to find the boy. Now if you’re more curious about the Eight for silver check out online options and then read on.

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Where to look Eight for silver

The Sundance Film Festival first took place online due to the ongoing pandemic. With single movie tickets available for $ 5, movie buffs could watch the movies online. Unfortunately, according to the film festival’s official site, “tickets are only available to the American public.” Additionally, feature and short films are not released in international locations due to rights restrictions. Unfortunately there are none Eight for silver streaming options at the moment. So how did people who saw the movie react to it?

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where to look eight for silver

Eight for silver: Reactions from the public

People appreciate the cinematography and the calling of the film Eight for silver‘s view of werewolves as unique. It is becoming popular among fans of the gothic genre. On the other hand, some didn’t really enjoy the movie and even thought the story was a bit racist. For example, a critique from CBR said, “Eight for Silver shows its rich old white men looting and brutally murdering a Roma village … and then expects the public to somehow care what happens to them.”

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Image Courtesy: Sundance Film Festival / Eight for silver

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