Where can you view ‘Absolute Proof’? Is it available on OTT platforms such as Netflix and Prime?

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell recently released his documentary entitled Absolute proofThis documentary is based on the recent legal battle surrounding the US presidential election. Lindell, a Trump supporter, has expressed concerns in this documentary.

The recent presidential election has been rife with controversy with the previous president accusing Donald Trump of falsified and biased elections. Lindell’s film is based on this incident. The documentary also includes some of Mike Lindell’s key opinions. Nonetheless, it has created a buzz on social media.

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Where to look Absolute proof

This documentary is not available on premium OTT platforms. So, where to look Absolute proofCurrently only OANN or One American News Network offers Absolute proof streaming. According to Mashable, Lindell paid this news network to stream his directing company. The source also confirms that Absolute proof will be available in different slots in that news channel.

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The One America News Network also posted a tweet on February 5, 2021. The Absolute proof online streaming will be available from February 5, 2021 on OANN. The channel also released a disclaimer before this controversial documentary aired.

Absolute proof online viewing is also available on other platforms such as Gab, CloutHub and Rumble. Thus, users who don’t have access to OANN can use any of these platforms to watch this documentary.

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The documentary is not available on YouTube. Although it was uploaded on YouTube, the online video streaming platform has removed this documentary by citing violations of broadcast policy. There is no news or other OTT platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video to stream this documentary.

About Absolute proof

Absolute proof tries to reduce the claim of a biased result for the recent presidential election. It’s a two-hour documentary directed by Mike Lindell. According to CNN News, the CEO of MyPillow had announced the release of this documentary on Newsmax on February 3, 2021.

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It reruns the controversial claim made by some people in connection with the election. In this documentary, he claims that the voting machines were faked, which triggered the recent election. It has already sparked a lot of controversy and the video documentary tries to justify the claim, which is not a legal matter.

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