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When will the historical fantasy drama Luna Nera season 2 hit the screen?

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If you are a fan of a fictional show and love to watch the beautiful witches and Black Magic you should watch Luna Nera season 1 on Netflix.

Luna Nera is a historical fantasy drama of Italian origin. The popular show was created by Tiziana Triana, Laura Paolucci Francesca Manieri, Laura Paolucci, Gloria Carovana and starring Nina Fotaras, Giandomenico Cupaiuolo, Gloria Carovana, Nina Fotaras and Giorgio Belli.

The show revolves around the women, accused of being witches, who protect themselves and fight back for the right of their granddaughter and son and child.

Luna Nera Season 1 first premiered Netflix on January 31, 2020. The first season consists of 6 episodes. People impatiently anticipate the next season. The TV series does not get a good review and still leaves its mark on fantasy aficionados.

If you’ve never heard of the fantasy Netflix series, you’ve come to the right place to know more Luna Nera. Learn all about Lunera Season 2 here, including the plot, cast release date and update so far.

Luna Nera’s plot

The story goes back to you in the 17th century, where witchcraft was practiced. It portrayed the story of Ade, a young girl, and her younger brother Valente. At the beginning of the series, a pregnant woman named Natalia, Ade’s granddaughter, helped her deliver. But when she arrived, the baby started to die. People around her accused her of being a witch and later sentenced her to death. She told Ade to run because people also started accusing him of being a witch. Following her grandmother’s instructions, she left town with her brother.

In Season 1, Ade explored her powers and used them to protect himself and his brother from the humans.

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During her trip, she met her mother’s friend, who also helped them on her journey. In Season 1, Ade seemed like the special witch everyone was talking about. Season 1, however, ended in a huge surprise and cliffhanger.

In the Season 1 finale, Ade found out that she wasn’t the special witch, but that it was her brother who was actually a girl.

She was shocked to realize that her sister is the most powerful of all witches.

She took the path of the dark side to become the most powerful witch. Her younger brother, who turned out to be her sister, became the group’s leader, Coven.

In Season 2, we expect to see the battle between her and her sister to get the ultimate power. She and her sister will explore their new powers. Season one hasn’t revealed the portal of the dead, which is why we’ll see it in season 2.

We also see how Ade will use his power of communication with the dead.

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In general, we can say that season 2 will be powerful and full of entertainment.

Luna Nera Season 2

The Cast of Lunera Season 2

The main protagonist of the show include:

  • Nina Fotaras played the role of Ade. She is a young witch with powerful detection skills.
  • Giorgio Belli plays the role of Pietro. He is deeply attached to Ade and does not believe in sorcery and black magic.
  • Giada Gagliardi plays the role of Valente. He is Ade’s younger brother.
  • Barbara Ronchi plays the role of Antalya. She is the mother of Valente and Ade. After giving birth to Valente, she disguised herself as a weak woman and pretended to be her grandmother, Natalia.
  • Adalgisa Manfrida Plays the role of Persepolis. She is a youngster and a close friendship with Ade.
  • Gloria Carovana plays the role of Cesaria. She is her father’s adoptive sister.
  • Giandomenico Cupaiuolo plays Sante. He is the father of Pietro and Cesaria.

Luna Nera Season 2

The other supporting cast of the series include

Roberto De Francesco, played as Marzio Oreggi, Camille Dugay Comencini, played as Aquileia, Martina Limonta, played as Segesta, Nathan Macchioni, played as Adriano, Paolo Bernardini, played as Marzio Oreggi, Sonia Gessner, played as Natalia, Paolo Bernardini, played as Marzio Oreggi, Sonia Gessner, starred as Natalia, Lucrezia Guidone, Lucrezia Guidone, Manuela Mandracchia played as Tebe, Astrid Meloni, played as Amelia, Pietro and Cesaria’s sick, bedridden mother, starred as Leptis, Roberto De Francesco, starred as Marzio Oreggi, Marilena Anniballi, starred as Agnese, Amendola, starred as Giambattista, Amendola, starred as Giambattista.

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Where we can watch the Lunera season 2

Lunera season 2 is not coming out yet. There is no official confirmation from the creator about the fantasy drama renewal. The show does not live up to the producer’s expectations. But then when we look at another aspect, there is no cancellation news either, so we shouldn’t lose hope.

For those who haven’t watched Season 1, you can check out the show Netflix. If you are unsure whether or not to watch, check out the trailer first youtube then make up your mind.

If you want to watch it for free, you can download it from the tower or any other movie download site.

Luna Nera Season 2

IMDB rating of Luna Nera Season 2

It receives one 5.6 IMDB rating out of 10. The series fell short of critics’ expectations and also received an average response from the audience. But for the fantasy lover, the film is great to watch.


It is a striking historical fantasy drama presented by Netflix.

Luna Nera season 1 of the show was released last year and some of the fantasy, witch and fiction aficionados were looking for the next season!

The maker has not given a green signal so far, but as a fan it hopes for the best. If it comes on the screen, it will be on the screen before 2022.

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