When Vampires Season 2 is set to premiere? Release, Cast, Plot And Much More !!

Netflix released Vampires in March 2020 and became an instant hit amongst the audience. The show follows the life of a Paris teen who struggles with her dual identity as half-human and half-vampire. Fans of the Twilight saga and Vampire Diaries are bound to love this new series which is set in a world where vampirism is caused by a mutated gene.

Vampires Season 2: Release Date

Netflix released the hot new Vampires Season 1 recently in late March 2020. We can expect a second season in the later months of 2021. As the first season ended with a big cliffhanger, we are sure this series will get a second season.

As the first series was only released on March 20 it is too early to say whether a second series will be going ahead.

The renewal of the series will be dependent on the viewing figures for its debut, but with families being confined to their homes at the moment, streaming numbers are up for Netflix.

If a new series was to be given the green light, fans probably won’t see it for at least another year as plenty of time will be needed for casting and filming.

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Vampires Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

Oulaya Amamra leads the cast in the role of the protagonist Doina, a half-vampire and a half-human teen. Oulaya is a well-known name in France, having worked in several French productions. She has also appeared in a small role in the AMC thriller, The Little Drummer Girl. She had won an award at the AFI Fest in 2016 for her performance in Divines.

Suzanne Clément plays Doina’s mother. Kate Moran (Knife + Heart) enacts the character of Csilla Nemeth, who rules over numerous vampire clans. If the show is renewed for a second season, we expect all of the lead actors to return.

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What will happen in Vampires season 2?

  • As the new series has only just come to an end it is difficult to predict what may happen in a second series.
  • The synopsis for the final episode of season one says: “Doina seizes on a way to placate the community and salvage her family’s future. Andrea’s (Mounir Amramra) search for Elise yields an unsettling discovery.”
  • At the end of the series, Doina’s human father Redouane, who is now a vampire, reappeared and Andrea comes face-to-face with him.
  • If a second series goes ahead it will most likely look into what caused Redouane to end up this way and why he has come back.

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