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When in the world will ‘Dragula’ return? Get all the tea in Season 4 –

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Dragula is not like a vampire show you have seen before. Yes, the name Dragula may sound familiar (Dracula), but we’re here to tell you the series Dragula of the Boulet brothers is basically a (drag) floor show where contestants aka queens have the chance to win a big cash prize and look good!

This reality show is a super twist on drag with Swanthula & Dracmorda aka “The Boulet Brothers”. Not only do they bring horror and finesse to the drag culture, but they also bring out everyone’s inner life Dragula with total flare! According to Digital spy, the league is ready for their fourth season, but will switch streamers. Let’s take a look.

Pandemic conditions

According to Forbes, the monster drag show Dragula, (like any other show) was “delayed because of the pandemic”. Last year, at the time of the spooky Halloween special, however, Dracmorda Boulet stated, “We’ve always wanted to bring our stars back on camera. We’ve done three seasons right now and people are falling in love with it. “

Dracmorder Boulet added, “We’ve always wanted to get back on TV, but in an original format.”

Since then, fans have been eager to get their teeth into next season!

Season 4

Dragula season 4 comes months after the show’s exciting Halloween special. Season 3 winner Saint even said it was extremely exciting to have a floor show in her hometown.

Saint told Digital spy: “For season 4, I’m trying to figure out how to capture that feeling of not caring about other people’s looks.” They went on to say, “I thought about what I wanted in my promotional look and what challenges usually return, such as Monsters of Rock, and the top three, the Filth, Horror and Glamor looks. Just those little things. “

As excited as we are to see Saint back on that podium, Saint has claimed it could be a pretty “tough competition” this season, and let’s face it, “the Boulets won’t throw unless they think the women are ready for his “and we couldn’t agree more!

Moving to shudder

You may have enjoyed Dragula across streaming platforms, but thanks to the show’s increasing demand and popularity, the poignant drag series will finally come to Shudder!

Deadline reported the Boulet Brothers stated, “Joining forces with Shudder marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Dragula of The Boulet Brothers, and Season 4 is about to become the most ambitious season yet.”

They added, “We will be showcasing some of the most groundbreaking drag art in the world and with $ 100,000 at stake, the competition (and the challenges) will be deadly.”

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Shudder is even excited about the Dragula team on board as Craig Engler said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the incredibly talented Boulet Brothers on a new season that will be bigger, better and more outrageous than ever.”

Per Deadline, the manager continued, “This show brilliantly blends underground drag and horror, showcasing a diverse group of artists, and we’re excited to bring it to Shudder members alongside all three previous seasons.” That’s right, you can relive the drag-tastic show all over again on Shudder!

Return to the throne?

We also know that season 4 of Dragula will bring back some legendary queens, but can Saint win a second season in a row?

While Saint is concerned about the “tough competition,” she was quick to reassure fans that she is still ready to beat. “Luckily I think I’m in a pretty decent headspace where I think I’ll be able to deliver.”

In the interview with Digital spy, Saint explained, “It feels like I have an advantage even when I come back for ‘The Boulet Brothers: Dragula: Resurrection, “although it wasn’t really season, it was just the benefit of being around the Boulets again and doing a floor show and talking to a camera.”

Despite Saint’s hesitation at first, she won the Resurrection special and since then she has been hailed by fans as the season 3 champion. But we’ll just have to wait and see if the saint comes out victorious. again

Season 4 of Dragula premieres on Shudder, so stay tuned to find out the date! Are you excited for the next season? Let us know in the comments below.

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