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When all he texts about is sex

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When a guy texts mostly about sex and very little else, it makes a girl wonder. Is sex all he’s looking for? It sure looks like that. If you’ve engaged him in sex talk or sexting before, it’s hard to take it back. Guys don’t like the rules being changed mid-game. If he’s texting you about sex, I’m assuming you participated at some point. If you didn’t and he still does, get rid of him.

First, don’t date anyone not to have sex. It’s normal. However, it’s not really normal to text a woman about it all the time. He does it because you allowed it. Most guys will at least try to go there. They often do this as a qualification process. They want to know if the woman they are talking to is relationship material or flirt material. The women who engage in sexting and don’t set boundaries are the ones they usually categorize as a flirt.

If you did it all for fun, but now regret it and want to change it, there are several ways to go about it. The first way is more back door type. You can try this before actually tackling it. If he’s texting you about sex, just don’t reply to him or change the subject if you do. No explanation is needed. Trust me, he knows what he’s doing wrong. He should slow it down after a few unsuccessful attempts. He should get the hint.

Ah, but a lot of men just don’t get the hint and you’ll have to be more direct about this. The first thing you can text back is “Is it normal to talk about sex with women all the time?”. This will make him evaluate. It also provokes him in a non-accusatory way. You just ask a question. How is he going to answer? If he answers yes, he looks like an asshole. If he answers no, the door is now open for you to ask, “Then why are you doing this to me?” If he replies for some lame reason, just send “Oh,” or don’t reply.

It’s up to you to break him with this and establish yourself from the flirting category. When he stops texting, you have your answer. He just wanted sex. I bet you’ll get an apology from him if you handle this the right way, not to mention leaving the flirt zone.

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