What’s Absolute Interference by Mike Lindell – Where to watch, live stream, calendar and more

Absolute Interference is a new conspiracy theory documentary by Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of My Pillow. There was an ongoing attack on the Frankspeech.com website on launch day, Mike Lindell went live for 48 hours discussing various issues with various guests on the panel.

Absolute Interference airs today April 20 at 4pm CT and 7pm CT! You can watch it live on – this page (this link works at 4:00 pm CT and 7:00 pm CT)

What is Absolute Interference by Mike Lindell

It’s a new documentary from Mike Lindell, it will be related like previous documentaries Absolute Proof, Scientific Proof etc.

Mike Lindell launched “Absolute Proof” in February 2021. Those of you who don’t know the absolute proof was a documentary presented by Mike Lindell. To expose “voter fraud” in the Trump / Biden presidential election. Based on this, you can expect more documentaries in the future.

Mike Lindell has been involved in several documentaries and series exposing different things in the current system. In the candid 48 hours live speech, he claimed the attackers were from China and several other unknown facts that the people did not know.

Absolute Interference will be one of Mike Lindell’s most important documentaries. It could be how big the attack on Frank’s launch is that it stopped the launch ceremony. According to Mike Lindell, traffic on the website was about 10 million at the time of launch and the attackers slowed down the website so that no one could get in. All the different conspiracies will be shared in his upcoming documentary.

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