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What to Watch Today: 5 Best Shows and Movies on Voot Select, Netflix, and Apple TV + |

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Working from home has its own advantages. While you can still work as much as you normally would, if not more, you can work in the comfort of your own home and spend your free time doing something you enjoy. While watching movies or TV shows OTT platforms is a good place to start, here are five shows and movies on Voot Select, Netflix, and Apple TV + to watch.

5 best shows and movies on Voot Select, Netflix and Apple TV +

1. Crackdown – Voot Select

If you’re looking for a classic spy thriller that will get you in the mood right away, just play To manhandle on Voot Select. The plot is compelling: a secret service led by Agent RP takes charge of neutralizing a sinister terror plot with several innocent lives at stake. With the ticking of time, the plot only gets better as the season goes on. To manhandle stars Saqib Saleem, Shriya Pilgaonkar and Iqbal Khan in lead roles.

2. Wolfwalkers – AppleTV +

An animated feature that was among the nominees at the Academy Awards 2021, Wolfwalkers is a magical tale of a young apprentice hunter, Robyn, who comes to Ireland with her father to hunt for the last pack of wolves – considered evil and devilish. But when Robyn rescues a wild native girl, Mebh, their friendship leads to her breaking the world Wolfwalkers. The film in its fantasy world shows a very pure story of empathy and compassion and is one you should catch today.

3. Swades – Netflix

A poetic film journey, Swades have gained cult status in Indian pop culture over the years thanks to what it represents. The story follows Mohan, an NRI who works at NASA. He returns to India to see his mother, but is overwhelmed by the country. After making an impact in people’s lives at home, he returns to the US to miss his home country even more. Swades is a journey through rural India, complemented by a melodic soundtrack by AR Rahman. Shah Rukh Khan’s The homecoming story might just be the perfect inspiration for today.

4. Tanu Weds Manu – Voot Select

A nice rom-com with Madhavan and Kangana Ranaut, Tanu Weds Manu is a story about an NRI doctor who comes to India in search of a bride, but falls in love with Tanu in the process. Although both personalities differ, Tanu enlists Manu’s help in running away with her lover, which brings the two together in some way. A nice distraction from all the darkness around us.

5. Sagittarius – Netflix

Sagittarius is arguably the perfect dose of mindless entertainment and with 11 seasons, this show promises to keep you busy for a while. Centered around a spy named Sterling Archer, the show is about the dysfunctional relationships he’s imbued with a crippling sense of narcissism that leads to hilarious situations. With storylines that talk about Archer’s relationship with his misfits colleagues and his family, Sagittarius is the complete package. It stars H. Jon Benjamin, Alisha Tyler and Judy Greer in lead roles.

5 shows and movies to watch today on Voot Select, Netflix and Apple TV +

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