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What to Watch Today: 5 Best Shows and Movies on SonyLIV, Netflix, and Disney + Hotstar |

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Staying at home isn’t always easy. As you blow through the first few days, it will always get to a point where the day looks really dull. But you could get through it by watching some of the best shows and movies on OTT platforms. These titles are sure to entertain and encourage you to stay at home a little longer. Here are five shows and movies on SonyLIV, Netflix and Disney + Hotstar:

5 shows and movies to watch on SonyLIV, Netflix and Disney + Hotstar

1. Kathmandu Connection – SonyLIV

A brand new spy thriller on SonyLIV, starring the talented Amit Sial (previously seen in Jamthara and Inside Edge). The story takes place in the events leading up to the 1993 Mumbai bombings and, as the title suggests, an overwhelming connection to the plot running all the way north to Kathmandu. The show also features Aksha Pardasany and Gopal Dutt in lead roles.

2. Soul – Disney + Hotstar

After winning the best animated film in this year’s Oscars, Soul deservedly features on our list today. Soul hits the perfect notes in terms of storytelling and is a joy to watch from start to finish. Story about a struggling pianist in Brooklyn, New York. Life hasn’t been so nice to him, but he must now convince a budding new soul that Earth is where the magic is. Soul features big names like Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey as the voices and is a must-watch movie if you haven’t already.

3. Kamyaab – Netflix

A perfect example of Netflix’s impressive collection, if this Sanjay Mishra starrer just had a theatrical run, it would have been one of those movies that never would have received the accolades it deserved. But it enjoyed a great run on Netflix and was appreciated by almost everyone who saw it. A story that is often the reality in our film industry for the supporting cast and crew, Kamyaab is a humble tribute to all those whose contributions are often neglected.

4. Undo – Disney + Hotstar

A show starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant is bound to be great, right? But Undo it opened up to mixed reviews as people were still a little confused about the story. But when the episodes kicked in, the season really kicked off and the performances of these two industry greats just make the show a truly enticing watch. Undo it has everything to keep you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns when you least expect it.

5. Paava Kadhaigal – Netflix

While many I’ve spoken to have said that this Tamil movie on Netflix sometimes isn’t viewable, it’s also eerily realistic. Paava Kadhaigal simply translates to puppet stories and the film portrays these characters as puppets in society and how they affect the lives of these characters. Four different stories, each more difficult to watch, Paava Kadhaigal might not be your midweek movie for relaxation, but you can still be fascinated by the stories.

5 shows and movies on SonyLIV, Netflix and Disney + Hotstar

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