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What to Watch Today: 5 Best Shows and Movies on SonyLIV, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + Hotstar |

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As Daniel Craig would say, “Ladies and gentlemen, the weekend.” But this time with State Elections and Good Friday, if you’re lucky it’s one of those rare occasions where you get four days instead of the usual two. And what to do when you have so many days at your disposal? Your binge is watching some of the recently released shows and movies that have generated quite a buzz. Here are five shows and movies on SonyLIV, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + Hotstar to watch today:

5 shows and movies on SonyLIV, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar to watch today

1. Project 9191 – SonyLIV

Set in the Mumbai of the future, this captivating spy thriller is all about a special task force led by DCP Amitabh Sinha working to stop crimes before they even happen. While the concept is not only intriguing but also a lot of fun to watch, the plot and performances allow you to quickly progress through the episodes. Project 9191 stars Abhishekh Khan, Jaswant Singh Dalal among others in the lead role.

2. Principle – Amazon Prime Video

As an experience, Tenet is everything you wish for in a Nolan movie. It is a story about an unnamed protagonist who discovers a world of time-traveling gun smugglers transporting weapons and instructions from the future to destroy the planet. This man must go against all odds to stop this global Armageddon. Tenet stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Brannagah in lead roles.

3. Falcon and Winter Soldier – Disney + Hotstar

Since Avengers: Endgame in 2019 we haven’t seen much of the MCU as we would have liked it to be. As movies were delayed, fans were desperate for more Marvel content. While WandaVision turned out to be one of the best and bravest episodes ever, Falcon and the Winter Soldier Marvel sees going back to what it’s good at. We see Captain America’s two friends deal with grief and responsibility in this high-octane TV show, as a new threat, the Flag Smashers, tries to create a world without borders and governments.

4. Maqbool – Amazon Prime Video

While Irrfan Khan showed his reach in many roles throughout his life, Maqbool stood upright where he played the titular character in this Vishal Bharadwaj classic. It is a story of a petty henchman of an underworld don, who vows to climb the ranks at the behest of his boss’s mistress, who urges him to kill the don and become the next leader. Maqbool is a powerful story with some strong sequences thanks to the main characters.

5. Kaaka Muttai

A movie with a budget and cast that is in no way comparable to the other big entries on the list, Kaaka Muttai is a testimony to what fair filmmaking can be. A simple themed Tamil movie about a new pizzeria and two kids eager to taste a piece of it, Kaaka Muttai is a heartfelt retelling of society and the gap between rich and poor. Directed by Manikandan, Kaaka Muttai doesn’t have a star cast or major series, but with a story and theme that audiences are sure to hold on to, this Tamil movie is one for all ages.

5 shows and movies on SonyLIV, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar to watch today

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