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Bam Margera, the professional skater who made a name for himself on MTVs Jackass, checked himself into a mental institution after posting a series of videos claiming he had been locked out Acorn 4Margera then released a slew of videos calling for the boycott of the film. After concerned fans called him on Twitter, Bam Margera released a video on his Instagram explaining the situation.

‘I have good news. I realize I’m manic bipolar and yesterday I had to go crazy for a year and a half I didn’t know if we were doing it Jackass or not, ”he said in a black and white video on Instagram. “In this way,” he said, explaining his decision, “there will be no bad blood.” He told fans he would see a bipolar specialist the next day.

That said, this isn’t the first time Bam Margera has reportedly been struggling with mental health issues. Let’s dive into this new part of the saga.

Jackass origin

Bam Margera popped up on adolescent radars as he starred alongside Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man and a cast of Peter Pans whose show & movie franchise coined the term Jackass stunts. In the days before iPhones and social media, these stuntmen managed to reach a wide audience by doing crazy things like tattooing each other in the back of a truck or sticking fireworks up their asses.

Bam Margera seemed to be doing well for herself outside of the franchise. He earned his own spin-off show Viva La Bam, where he endlessly fooled his father Phil, mother April and his uncle, who became a character himself: Don Vito.

Don Vito was actually legally prohibited from being his character by a judge after he was found guilty of molesting two underage girls. His defense team claimed Vito played his character Viva La Bam, which prompted the judge’s decision. The prosecution alleged that Vito was drunk during the incident. Vincent “Vito” Margera died in 2015 after a battle with liver and kidney failure.

History of alcohol and drug abuse

However, things got worse when Bam Margera’s lifelong friend Ryan Dunn was killed in a gruesome car accident. The accident was blamed on alcohol. Many members of the Jackass crew reported struggling with addictions from alcohol and pain killers, which they claimed started taking painkillers to treat injuries on the show.

Raab Himself, Bam Margera’s Jackass costar, told Page six: “I used a lot of cocaine and I drank very hard about seven days a week. [Jackass] was a perfect time to manifest my addiction. It’s an obsessive lifestyle. I didn’t realize how much I became a slave to drugs and alcohol.

Bam Margera has been arrested and in and out of rehab for the past ten years. On Vh1’s Family therapy with Dr. JenMargera told Dr. Jen: “When I actually started drinking, I was probably 24, 25. It just started slowly waking up and having a drink as soon as I got up. One is too many, but a thousand is never enough.

Bam Margera also appeared on The Dr. Phil Show in 2019 addiction and family problems

Bam’s own version?

“I’m not in ‘Jackass 4’, and if anyone cares about me, don’t go to their movie because I’ll make my f-king more if you poison me a dollar,” Margera said in a preserved video by TMZBam Margera claimed the fourth installment producers took his ideas but didn’t credit him or let him join the franchise – as of now he’s still on IMDb as a cast member.

Bam Margera also told his fans that he would make his own version of it Jackass, to post roughly drawn ideas for stunts on his Instagram, including a puddle under a trampoline.

It is still unclear whether Bam Margera will be involved Acorn 4, which is expected to be released in September. Given Margera’s many, many reports of his lack of involvement and Paramount’s lack of comment, it may still be on the air or waiting for Margera to go back to treatment. According to TMZ, Margera drank alcohol before filming his now-deleted videos.

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