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What is Theseus’s ship? Discover the strange plot twist –

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WandaVision is the most talked about show on Disney +. In fact, it has been surpassed the MandalorianEach week, the show sparks new discussions about its connection to previous Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) titles, its comic origins, and the greater cultural zeitgeist.

In the last episode, WandaVision took a turn and introduced an interesting thought experiment into the MCU – one that stunned the minds of Plato and Heraclitus.

During the battle of Vision & Spectral Vision, or White Vision’s battle in the library, they discuss the philosophical thought experiment of Theseus’s ship. But what is Theseus’s ship? It’s a complex thought experiment about identity, and for those of us philosophy fans, talking about it in a library is something of a fanboy.

Spoilers for WandaVision Episodes 8 and 9 and Avengers: Endgame.

Theseus’ ship

Both visions do a great job of explaining Theseus’ ship. They give a modern example of the ship where it is an artifact in a museum. However, in a thought experiment as old as Plato, museums had not yet been invented. Above is a snippet of the scene, but here’s the original thought experiment that goes like this:

The mythical founder of Athens, Theseus, returns from slaying the Minotaur on a ship. The people of Athens maintain his ship for years and follow the voyage every year. If a piece of the ship becomes damaged or rotten, it is replaced with an identical piece. If all parts have been replaced, is it still Theseus’s ship?

Vision introduces a new thought to the experiment. He asks Spectral Vision, “If those removed planks are restored and reassembled, free from rot, is that Theseus’s ship?”

What does it mean for WandaVision?

At a pivotal point in the battle, Spectral Vision reveals its programming is to destroy Wanda & Vision. However, we have a serious case of Schrödinger’s cats. According to the Ship of Theseus thought experiment, both visions are and are not the real vision.

The vision that Wanda has made for the show is Theseus’s ship, made from completely new parts. The Spectral Vision, created by Director Hayword & SWORD, are the ship’s pieces recovered from the rot. Vision analyzes the two and explains, “Maybe the memories are rotten. The wear and tear are the trips. The wood touched by Theseus himself. ”

It highlights why Theseus’s ship divides so many philosophers. What is important for identity? Is it the material that makes up the object or the memories we associate with it?

Spectral Vision doesn’t have the spirit stone, that’s what drives Vision. Vision does not have the memories or the original material that makes up Spectral Vision. It’s the Marvel version of Theseus’s ship: which vision is the true vision? The one who made Wanda or SWORD?

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The answer

This is where things get a little hard to follow because we’re going to be saying a lot about Vision. To be clear, True Vision is the version of Vision that died during End game, Vision is the version that Vision Wanda made for the show, Spectral Vision is the version of Vision Hayword & SWORD.

Before meeting Spectral Vision, Vision thought he was the True Vision. However, Spectral Vision is more the True Vision because Vision knows how it works. Vision knows that his memories are not easily erased because he is a carbon-based Synthezoid. Vision knows that the memories from the True Vision are locked in Spectral Vision, and only Vision or SWORD can unlock them.

Once Vision unlocks the memories of the True Vision stored in the mind of Spectral Vision, it becomes the True Vision. Spectral Vision now has the memories and material of True Vision minus the mind stone. Wanda later reveals that Vision is part of the spirit stone that lives within her – to which Vision explains that he is a memory that has become reality.

However, in order to unlock the memories of the True Vision locked in Spectral Vision, he passes on some of the spirit stone that Wanda used to create him. Now all that’s left is a paint job, because it has everything now. He has the parts, he has the memories, and he has part of the spirit stone in him.

What now for the vision?

Spectral Vision flies away after the Vision has unlocked the memories from the True Vision. We don’t know what happened after Wanda removed the hex. We know Spider-Man: No Way Home Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will move on from here and address the consequences of Wanda’s actions WandaVision

We know that Wanda is at least involved in Dr. Strange, because Elizabeth Olsen explained that she is working on the sequel in London during a video she did with Bon Appétit. We also know that Billy and Tommy are also in the sequel, as the actors who play the two posted to Instagram tag their location in Windsor, about fifteen miles from Pinewood Studios, where filming is taking place. The messages have since been deleted.

If so, we wonder if Spectral Vision will also feature in Dr. Strange, and if so, how will Wanda react to the news following her emotional third departure from Vision? But as they tell each other emotionally: “We’ve said goodbye before, so that makes sense. We say hello again. “

But what do you think? Is the analysis of the Visions correct? Do you hope to see Vision again in the MCU? Let us know in the comments. – Exclusive Entertainment Site

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