What is the Meaning of Reverse Provisional Credit?

Reverse provisional credit is a type of credit that is made available to a customer when a company reverses a transaction or provides a refund. It’s a way for companies to quickly make a customer whole after an error has been made. This credit can be issued to a customer’s credit card, debit card, or bank account, depending on how the original transaction was made.

How Does Reverse Provisional Credit Work?

When a customer contacts a company and disputes a charge, the company will investigate the charge to determine if it was an error. If the company finds that an error was made, they can then issue a reverse provisional credit. This credit immediately reduces the customer’s balance by the amount of the original purchase. This credit is then reversed, and a refund is issued if the investigation supports the customer’s claim.

What are the Advantages of Reverse Provisional Credit?

Reverse provisional credits are a great way for companies to quickly resolve customer disputes. They can provide a quick resolution to a customer’s problem and keep the customer from having to wait for a refund. Furthermore, having the ability to provide reverse provisional credits can help a company’s reputation as a reliable and customer-centric business.

  • Reverse provisional credit can quickly and easily resolve customer disputes.
  • It allows companies to quickly make a customer whole after an error has been made.
  • Reverse provisional credits can help improve a company’s reputation.


Reverse provisional credit is a great way for companies to quickly resolve customer disputes. It can help companies maintain their reputation as a customer-centric business while quickly resolving customer issues. By being able to provide reverse provisional credits, companies can show their customers that they are committed to providing a great experience.

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