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What do you know about Strangers filming locations?

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What do you know about Strangers filming locations?

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The Strangers is a terrifying psychological film in which Kristen and James are trapped in a vacation home with three murderous criminals. When the insiders spend a seemingly quiet night, the house and its surroundings quickly become an unexpected prison for the couple. The film setting of capture and horror is slowly built up as we know the characters.

As the story unfolds, a comfortable home turns into a dangerous place. The house and its surroundings play a vital role in enabling the horror scene portrayed in the film, something that is even more amazing when it comes to being inspired by real events. Let’s take a look at where filmmakers create the ugly atmosphere of ‘The Strangers’. ‘

Filming Locations for The Strangers Movies

What do you know about Strangers filming locations?

‘The Strangers’ was set in a house on the outskirts of an unnamed town. It was shot almost entirely in an area of ​​Florence County, South Carolina. Shooting took place in most locations from October 10, 2006 to early 2007. Let’s take a closer look at some shooting locations.

Florence County, South Carolina

The entire exterior of the house described in the film’s text was found outside the city of Florence in Timmonsville, South Carolina. The film’s author and director, Bryan Bertino, sponsored a movie house that focuses on the people back home in Texas that he remembers from childhood. A team of producers has found a suitable home in Timmonsville, just over 10 miles outside the city of Florence.

The 70-acre brick house met all of the scripting requirements except for the back porch, which was housed in a recording studio. The events of the film usually take place at night, inside and outside the house. The scenes were mainly filmed at night in a house in Timmonsville and its large courtyards. Also, artificial trees were placed in the area to work.

The interior of a 2,000-square-foot [2,000 sq m] house was built in a nearby warehouse, converted into a recording studio. The set has been carefully crafted with the details to keep the vintage 70s aesthetic of a real home consistent across the squares.

This was very important because most of the film was set in the houses, in many different rooms of the house. The set, which took about two months to build, also includes moving walls to make sure the camera fits in all the “rooms” of the house.

A few flashback scenes were also filmed in the Florence area of ​​the Pee Dee Shrine Club, 3053 Crescent Circle, and the Hilton Garden Inn at 2671 Hospitality Boulevard. The city’s residential streets, seen in the first movie scenes, are also filmed in Florence. “The Strangers.”


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